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    This is not an account sale, but just a price check, all the cha’s listed are all clan and in RK2! 220 Opi MA 23+ AI 60+ LE Full Combined Commando ql 300, all pande loots ( red belt, mystery of pieces, gyro, libra ncu, capri ncu, virgo ncu, etc.) except BoC, have BoB, apf belt, dchest, slippers of screeming, ql 260+ symbiant setup (incl. FotD), modified notuccom, spirit shroud, 2x Globe of charity, subspace storage device, New ofab pants (upgraded), all garden keys etc. and a lot of pvp items (bracer’s, first aid kits, deroots, etc.) all in all fully end game made. 185+ Atrox shade 17+ AI 10+ LE Sided cloak, strong armor sleeves, nippy john stiletto etc. Uber dmg hore 170+ Atrox keeper 16+ AI 30+ LE Full set of Combined Merc. ready to be equipped, 2x Globe of charity, Dchest, ql 300 type 112 ready to be equipped tier 2 armor atm. Etc. + lvl 100ish keeper ai 10, 60ish adv, 60ish doc + 75 twink agent with pelisse and sps. Ready for to equip CSS This is only a price check as noted before any help is appreciated, thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.