Selling  Prestige PVP Account for sale (7x Top 3)

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    Hey guys,

    I intend on selling my SWTOR account. I will list what the account includes below:

    Top 3 titles and flairs:
    . Season 8 Operative on Fire + Platinum Flair
    . Season 9 Genius Operative + Platinum Flair
    . Season 10 Expert Operative + Platinum Flair
    . Season 8 Scoundrel on Fire + Platinum Flair
    . Season 10 Expert Scoundrel + Platinum Flair
    . Season 9 Genius Assassin + Platinum Flair
    . Season 10 Expert Commando + Platinum Flair

    Season 7-Current:
    . Season 7: Multiple Gold, Weapon Box and Crystals + Mounts
    . Season 8: Multiple Gold, Weapon Box and Crystals + Mounts
    . Season 9: Multiple Gold, Weapon Box and Crystals + Mounts
    . Season 10: Multiple Gold. Replica Victorious Blaster Rifle, Replica Victorious Sniper Rifle, Replica Victorious Blaster Pistols, Replica Victorious Duel Saber and Replica Victorious Light Sabers.
    . Season 11: Currently have 10+ Characters at 1500 or above, around 2 of those at 1550 and 4 with a highest earned of 1600. This combined with the leftover PvP tokens from the previous season should amount to significant number of tokens available to spend on future season rewards such as furious replica etc (Several 100k spread across multiple characters).

    Additional PVP Value:
    . At least one of each advanced class and several of others, all at level 70.
    . Majority of the classes have a legacy set of at least 248 gear and a few have 258.
    . Obtained 258 Legacy mainhand and offhand for most classes.
    . At least one character at 100 valor (Top 3 operative), possibly more.
    . Majority of characters are on the Darth Malgus server, with a couple of alt characters on both NA servers.
    . A small percentage of the datacrons unlocked

    . This account has a significant amount of expensive armour sets and weapons legacy unlocked.
    . High Reputation with many of the playerup.
    . 300+ million credits.
    . 1400 Cartel Coins.

    I'm happy to verify and prove anything and everything that was included above if necessary. I think it's also worth noting that I am the original owner and I have no intention of trying to make a business out of scamming and selling SWTOR accounts. If you're interested or would like more information feel free to PM me with questions and offers, we can discuss via Discord if that suits you better (Alim#6852).
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