[POWER-LEVELING] Power-leveling service for WILDHUNTER ALL world

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    [POWER-LEVELING] Power-leveling service for WILDHUNTER ALL world

    Only for Maplesea

    I'm currently providing affordable power-leveling services for ALL type of jobs in ANY world you want. You will be providing me an account, best if its empty as i will not be responsible for anything missing in it, to train on. The IGN of the character will be decided by you. Additional request such as which stats and skills to add should be stated with purchase else i would be adding them on which i think could fasten my training speed.

    Payment method will be either @-Cash code / Aquila mesos / SGD through bank transfer or meet-up.

    I will only start after i received the payment.

    Level 1-70: 20k Cash / 400m / 20SGD (Wild hunter ONLY)

    If you would like to continue level from 70,

    70-75: 10k cash / 200m / 10SGD

    75-85: 20k cash / 400m / 20SGD

    85-100: 30k cash / 600m / 30SGD

    100 Onwards , each level 10k / 200m / 10SGD

    (Example from 1-100 price is 80k / 1.6b / 80SGD

    If more then 3 account is ordered by a single person , you will get a 20%


    Price are #.

    From in between levels, contact us for discussion

    Please contact me on MSN :[email protected]

    Or phone. Add me on MSN to get my phone number


    1. Will your power-leveling service ban my account?

    Ans: Yes, but chances are slim, and it will not affect your asiasoft passport.

    2. What if i bought your service and got permanent banned when you are training me?

    Ans: I would be training your new character all over again until the requested level at first. Unfortunately you will have to create another account with another IGN.

    3. Do i have to provide you with equipments or potions?

    Ans: No, you don't. But i MIGHT throw in extra services or discounts if you provide me with them

    4. How long will your power-leveling takes?

    Ans: It will take 2-7 days for me to reach level 120.

    5. But i want you to power-level one of my characters which is in the same account with my main .... How?

    Ans: If that is the case, you should look for a middleman first before consulting my services so that no scams are involved.

    6. I can only pay you through meet-up, so where should we meet ....?

    Ans: I will only be meeting in the West, most preferably at MRT stations.

    7. What about the loots? Will i get to keep the loots?

    Ans: It depends what drops you are talking about, but more or less there will be loots in your account still.

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