Selling  Global  Unlinked  Android and iOS  Post-Selective Summons | Lidica + Yufine + Angelica #33

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    If you want to request for specific hero(es) you want to have in the selective summons in your preferred server please do message me or leave a comment here and i will try to get it for you as soon as possible. P.S. Pick the heroes that could be summoned in the Selective Summons realistically.

    #es33 account: [ GLOBAL ] [ STOVE LINKED - UNVERIFIED ] 10.26.2019
    5* Hero - Lidica + Yufine
    4* Hero - Angelica + Clarissa
    Screenshot >CLICK ME<

    Stove Linked - Verified means that the stove account is ALREADY linked to an email account. Both the Stove Account and Email Account will be released to the buyer.

    Stove Linked - Unverified means that the stove account is NOT YET linked to an email account. We can still use your own email to link the stove account in this case. Only the Stove Account will be released to the buyer.