PLD80 DRK 80

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    (Xbox 360 Account)
    Armor Perle set and Adamant set
    Weapons Organics, Crualin , Death
    1 HP merit
    7 MP merits
    8Great sword merits
    6 sword merits, 6 merits
    Chivalry fully Merited along with Sentinel timer merits
    Got Sky access but no Sea.
    Comes with around 150.000 campaing points
    380.000 gil
    This accunt was mostly a party account . (no fancy Sky Gear)

    Got zilart, promatia agh urgan and wings of the goddess expancions (None Finished)
    cooking skill around 40-48
    2 Flame Rings
    2 Coral earings
    Bull necklesse and shield neckless (almost all of my gear is PLD/DRK )
    any questions or comments are welcomed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.