Selling  PC  North America  Level 1000-2500  Unranked  100+ Pink mercy + OW2 watchpoint pack STACKED acct

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    Account does come with the OW2 Watchpoint Pack [​IMG]
    Here's a list of some of the special skins I have , pink mercy all stars dva , Atlantic mercy, zen nakji league skin , dr Ziegler mercy skin , combat medic Baptiste , Bastet Ana, cybermedic ana, snow angel mercy Kerrigan widow Nano cola dva Ashe Mardi gras brick bastion kyogisha hanzo pachimari road hog marammat symmetra maestro sigma comic book tracer good and evil echo league skin zhulong Sombra league skin royal knight mercy

    Rank: 2965 support this season with a season high of 3062

    8,475 credits

    Account level is 2,100 Plat border close to diamond border.

    Golden weapons; mercy, ana , Baptiste, ashe, dva, Brigitte, Cassidy, echo, genji, hanzo, Lucio, Moira, reaper, Reinhardt, soldier, sombra, symmetra, tracer, widowmaker, and zenyatta

    Will accept MM/Middleman but you pay fees & accept PayPal F&F or Cashapp. message me on discord or here if you have any questions. SNOW#9441
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