Perfect account for PVP and PVE with 3 good geared characters.

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    L55 templar elyos: +15 Triroan greatsword merged with 50 elite abyss greatsword with silence godstone, +15 DDG warhammer with silence godstone, full +12 L50 elite abyss armors socketed with accuracy/crit/block stones, L55 eternal abyss necklace/rings/earrings/belt +1 L55 eternal abyss shield, +12 L50 abyss shield, +10 L55 eternal abyss greatsword, full L40 abyss chain armor set with full magic resist stones, lakhanes helm for magic resist, eternal pvp arena helmet, full L1 condition arena pvp set with full attack stones. L55 gladiator asmodian: +10 bakarma spear combined with 40 elite abyss spear with silence godstone, full +12 L40 elite abyss armors, L52 gold seals bow with movement slow godstone, lakhanes helm, L55 eternal abyss necklace and belt, L50 abyss rings, L52 eternal debil earring, L30 abyss earring, gear socketed with accuracy and crit stones. L50 assassin elyos: +12 alukinas(with silence godstone) and kromedes daggers, bakarmas bow, full +12 L40 elite abyss armors, lakhanes hat, L50 abyss earring, rings and belt, gear socketed with 2crit and rest attack stones.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.