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    HEya i am looking to sell my account its really good geared sorc weapon: +10 Master Noble Darkwater Orb with general GS on it armor +12,elite abyss 50 set with +10 cast speed pvp 55 gloves +10 abyss 40 full socketed with MR Acc: ethernal pvp neck, both earings and one ring 55 pvp gold ring, hat and belt i also have all pvp accs lvl 50(good for pve cauz MB on them) Pve crap on me, and in warehouse i have tons of pve stuff: like ethernal omegas neck, ethernal udas ring, jotuns hat, some ech stones, suramas spelbook and more than 250kk, tons of mats, manastones and other stuff that u can sell All stigmas more than 40k kills Craft: 1. Expert Essencetapping 499/499 2. Expert Aethertapping 499/499 3. Master cooking 540/549 (a lot recipes) 4. Expert Alchemy 400/499 Skins/dyes: A lot (like rly tons) of rare/ncsoft store items there - more info if requested 2x Plastic surgery tickets PETS Aqua Griffo Spurred Crestlich Pointytail acarun Whitebeard Palmist Acarun Watchfull Ailu 80 radiant tolkens radiant tolken wings tons of AP pots, seeds, rezz stones(like 500k AP in it) Im not a scammer and im only looking for a honest buyer. Do not pm me asking if u can log on my account and check - im not dumb - i only accept full payment before u will get password to the account. Im also first and only owner of the account and got all mails/ncsoft spam they send. . I do not accept any other payment then real life money (euro) - so dont offer ur account or some other game accounts/gold. serious offers plz on mail: ***************************************************** (i know i just copy/paste that)
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