Sold PC XBOX PS4 -EveryGun DLC Damascus - Career Level 870 - All Season Bpass - 234 C Card-Most Reticles

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    Theres is just too much thing for me to screenshot etc,If requested,I can do a live for you on discord.

    Join our discord server here !

    Obsidians :
    GRAU 5.56

    Theres 2 name change available on this account .

    Basic infos :
    Career Level 870
    234 Calling cards
    S5 Battle pass Tier 100
    S5 Rank 155
    Most operators are unlocked
    61867 Kills on MP KDA is 0.99
    All Season pass is bought + Maxed (S1-S5)

    Akimbo on .357 And Renneti

    All base guns comes with damascus including all DLC weapons
    AN 94 Is Maxed With damascus
    ISO is maxed with damascus
    FINN LMG is maxed with damascus

    Reticles :
    11/11 on reflex sight is unlocked
    10/10 on holo sight is unlocked
    8/8 on ACOG sight is unlocked
    8/8 on Hybrid sight is unlocked
    5/12 on sniper scope is unlocked
    0/8 Reticles unlocked on Thermal reticles

    Super rare calling card and emblems in the account

    S1-S5 Battlepass all MAXED and bought.
    Tons of VERY RARE Old Emblems,Blueprint and Calling cards from S0 Till S4.
    Gold/Platinium/Damascus On shield,Knifes and all launchers.

    Packs :
    Purple Tracer Bundle
    Blue CR56 AMAX Bundle
    Roze Operator Bundle

    Weapons that are not unlocked :
    Kali Sticks
    Dual Kodachis

    Pictures of the account :

    Taking offers,Highest offers get the account.

    Im not taking low baller's offer ,Your offer will get ignored by me as its wasting my time.

    Buy it now price is listed in my server.

    If you bought the listing on playerup without even asking me anything or informing me before purchasing,I will cancel the order.

    No middleman as they take too many days
    If you still wants to use middleman,we will head to another website for faster transactions.

    Terms and condition:

    By Purchasing,You Agree to the terms And conditions.

    First, If buyer agrees to use middleman,the price is default price + 10%

    Second,I can give you a # if you choose Paypal(Friends and family ONLY) or BTC (10% Offer) as a payment option WITHOUT using middleman.

    NO,Im NOT Going First,You Pay the full amount of the price listed,once I receive The funds i will release the account information to you.

    Delivery Time:

    Instant delivery after getting the payment, sometimes can be longer - maximum up to 24 hours.

    Refund/Replacement Policy:

    All Sales are Final. No refunds after accounts are delivered.Buyer is resposible for everything happens to the account afterward.

    Delivery proof is included on every trades,For our safety and buyer safety,All delivery proofs will be stored up to 1 Month.


    We have all the rights to change the price.

    No refunds,No trades.

    Buyer cover all fees if middleman service is presented.

    Add my discord for more information regarding the account:

    Join our discord server here !

    NOTE : Name of the account is cropped due to security reason.
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