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    Pax Jax Selling League of Legends account LVL 30 - OBO I have a League of Legends accounts that I have really touched in a LONG time. Selling for preferably $75. They have a good amount of skins. Please contact ([email protected]) if interested. Paypal is most convenient, if not, im sure there are other ways. Summoner Name: PhoPhoPhool - LVL 30 - Gold season 2 Skins: Pax Jax Glacial Olaf Jade Wu Kong Fire Fang Warwick Fisherman Fizz Surprise Party Fiddlesticks Superb Villain Veigar Northern Storm Volibear All of these for the given price, or the best offer. WTB: NA Account Details below Looking to spend around 50$ USD I can spend more depending on the account. Account must have a minimum of 1350 ELO Must have over 90 Champions. Must have Basic runes (pref most of the meta runes) I'm not interested in skins, i'm looking to buy a smurf account to help my friend climb elo hell. How i proceed with transactions! I only pay through paypal digital goods. All transaction details will be posted on for my records and yours. A Screenshare is a must, unless you are an playerup verified member you will provide your account details first. If you don't feel like these terms are in your favor you don't have to offer. I've already reported 2 scammers and successfully gotten my money back. To be blunt i'm not wasting paypal's employee time by reporting every scammer on these forums. If i do get the account information and you do happen to try to recall the account, or if the account is suspended or banned within 1 week of me acquiring the account i will ask paypal to return the money. And i will report it to riot and have the account closed. You can contact me on as: Deitic please post here before contacting me so i can do a background check on you. WTS: Rare NA League of Legends Account Hey guys, Im selling my NA LoL account, it has ALOT of rare skins, 1000+ elo, 20 rune pages, all current meta runes, and All champs except for Diana, Fizz, Leona, Nami,...
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