Sold Overwatch - Levelling Up Service - (Level 1-25) ( 29) (Fresh Account Only) (2-3 days) - Unlock Comp

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    Please read and message me before purchasing. Thank you
    Hello and welcome to my Overwatch levelling up service

    By purchasing this service your account will be levelled up by me and my friend to ensure it reaches level 25 as soon as possible

    Once you have purchased this service me or my friend will log into your account and will begin levelling it up. We will mainly be playing quick play and quick play classic as they have the fastest queue times. We will also be playing a variety of hero's. However you can request us to play certain hero's without any extra costs.

    All of this is done without using any glitches or exploits. To prove it we can stream it privately on YouTube for you to watch or we can send you the replay codes. We will also update you during the process as well. (estimated level per day 9 - 12)

    We will not
    use cheats
    message or add anyone
    use voice chat or text chat in game
    open your lot boxes

    We will
    need access to your email/phone and password with Overwatch bought
    remain offline on your account
    keep your career profile set to private

    Thank you for reading If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me on PlayerUp or discord nixu#3823 :)

    *If your curious to know why the price is cheap. It's mainly because I have a lot of time to spare. Also because I'm new on this platform and I'm wanting to build up a good reputation.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.