Outland EURO - Alliance 80 Priest Draenei Female

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    Account Information
    List Level of Professions : main caracter has: enchanting 450 tailoring 450 alt has: enscription: 450 herbalism: 450
    Mount Type: Flying
    Name Your Mounts:
    Riding Skill: 225
    Honor Points: 31228
    Arena Points: 0
    Raid/Dungeon Keys:
    PVP Title:
    Number of Other Characters Above Level 50 On Account:
    Alternative Characters Server: Outland EURO - Alliance
    Alternative Characters Level: 80
    Alternative Characters Class: Druid
    Number Of Characters You Wish To Describe Gear:
    Character Transferable To New Server?: Yes
    If selected no, when will it be transferrable?:
    Is The Account Merged With Battle: Yes
    Burning Crusade Enabled: Yes
    Wrath of the Lich King Enabled: Yes

    Additional Information
    Selling 2 beautiful caracters! Armory links for gear: my main: eu.wowarmory/character-sheet.xml?r=Outland&cn=Bles gear score: 5318!!! she is really well geared. and alt: eu.wowarmory/character-sheet.xml?r=Outland&cn=Nymp gear score: 4718 If you like healing, this account is 100% for you, it contains to well geared healers. This sweety priest is really well geared and has both icc 25 and 10 mans achs. Also she has toc 10, 25, voa 10 and 25 and both onyxia achs. You can enter withe every raid with her and start raiding with no worries. Both caracters has maxed out proffessions, so the making money it is not a problem. Both caracters have dual spec, priest has holy and disk. And druid has resto and feral. Priest has atm 225 raiding skill, but at the bank she has two mounts: [Magnificent Flying Carpet] and [Reins of the Bronze Drake], so if you buy max flaying skill you can use them instantly.
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