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    WTS or WTT Full PvP Asmo-Ranger on Balder
    WTS Ranger 47 Spatalos EU (elyos) ( 1 2 3)1z1zI want to sell my account to the best offer i got. I played it alone and wanna go back to lineage with some friends. I won't tell u about quests and other things but i can tell u that it's a legit account 100%, u have expert tailoring 449, a nice gear for a solo player and 27kk kinah (+ an epic 43 armor witch i hope to sell till we make the deal, so u will have around 40kk at that time), have one rare stigma. So u need just to make 3 lvls more and buy a stigma , the rest is at ur choice. So pm or write here ur best offer.
    WTS Perento Elyos lvl 55 cleric
    WTS PvP Geared Assassin // Asmodian // Spatalos
    WTS PvP Account Gladiator Beschwörer Templer
    WTS meinen geliebten 55 PVP Sorc
    WTS: PVP 55 Ranger - Thor - Asmo

    WTS Ranger asmo Eu Gorgos ( 1 2)
    WTS Sorc Telemachus full50 pvp/full Fenris ( 1 2 3)1z1zI have very nice geared sorcerer to sell. Lets Begin: Asmodian lvl55 Telemachus Weapon: Elite Archon Tribunus Tome +10(godstone 3760) combine with Fenris Tome + Menotios Orb+6 combine with Divine Dragon Orb all full socket mb +27 Armors Elite Archon Tribunus Tunic(50)+3 Elite Archon Tribunus Pauldrons(50)+3 Elite Archon Tribunus Shoes(50)+3 Elite Archon Tribunus Gloves(50)+4 Elite Archon Tribunus Legging(50)+3 all socket +95hp + Full Fenris all+1 armor for pve all socket +25mb (2600mb good for pve and farm) Accesories Archon Primus Pilus Bandana (55) and 50 lvl abyss hat for remodel Archon Tribunus Sapphire Necklace (50) and reiaya turqoise necklace(55) for pve 2x Archon Tribunus Saphire Earings + Ragnarok Turqoise Earrings(55)eternal 2x Archon Tribunus Saphire Ring +Archon Primus Pilus Ring(55) Archon Primus Pilus Sash(55) and abyss belt(50) + all accesories from dark poeta + best wing(100tokens)Noble Chief Crusader Wings Stigma All stigmas(CC build+DPS build) +frostbiteII+old roots, in game for sorc(gold,blue) everything you need to pvp and pve Platinum Medal=5 + lots of comsumables worth (50kk kinah) Shining Scroll from Ragnarok(eternal quest) over 100k AP 399Alchemy 460Tailoring Most important morph recipies (also core recipies). The account is full(collectors edition) and i am the original owner. Pre-order 13 month veteran reward. Massive amount of items estimated value:70kk kinah Playable Until: Dec 2, 2010 my : ***************************************************** I sell my char for good hands,my minimum price is 300euro(of negotiation) i think this is very nice price,for that high end char. new photos
    WTS SpiritMaster on [EU Lephar]
    WTS SpiritMaster on [EU Lephar]1z1z
    WTS Super Geared Asmo Chanter +15 ABG Staff1z1zThis is a Female Chanter located on the Siel Char has 5/5 of the EC Condition 2 gear all +10 +15 Archon Brigade Generals Staff +11 Stormwing Staff 5/5 +10 lvl 40 Elite PvP Gear 5/5 +10 lvl 50 Elite PvP Gear 2/5 Stormwing Gear Selling for 400$ PM me for details thanks
    WTS Templar Elyos Side extensible weapon ( 1 2)
    WTS Templar lv 55 Pvp Asmo (eu) ( 1 2 3)
    WTS Templar lvl 50 eu very cheap1z1zHello again this time i sell an elyos templar lvl 50 in server telemachus.More info contact me in ***************************************************** or pm ur offer
    WTS TOP Elyos Gladi mit huso pole & TOP Asmo Mage!
    WTS Uber Account!
    WTS US Aion Account - Azphel - Elyos
    WTS US Aion Account - Azphel - Elyos1z1z
    Wts us aion blank account ,90 days game time, $591z1zWts us aion blank account ,90 days game time, $59,I'm oo . pm me thanks.high feedback seller.
    WTS-[NA](CE)34 Elyos Sorcerer ( 1 2 3)1z1zElyos Marchutan Characters 5 Toons on this collectors account and their names. Account has access to both CE and Pre Order Items for all your characters! PLAYABLE TILL FEB 2010 Asking $150 OBO Rank 5 - 34 Sorcerer (Half way to 34 - 100% rested) 250k Kinah - 28586 Abyss Points (Unused) - Level 6 8x9 Inventory (72 slots) - Level 4 Warehouse (7x8 - 56 Slots) 596 Total Kills 260p Tailoring 237p Cooking 123p Aether Extract 271p Gathering 23/50 Titles 12 Spiritmaster (Tame) 1 Priest (Holy) 1 Scout (Hide) 1 War (Gorgeous) If your serious and interested please email me @ [email protected] or PM me here. Will give more info on main toon once contacted in interest. Thanks.
    WTS: [NA] Zikel Asmodian Chanter lv55 Full Elite1z1zAs stated, I'm selling my chanter account with below gears: +10 Lannok Staff combined with paralysze godstone +10 Full e40 Abyss set (All socketed with Hp +85) 52 - Eternal Debilkarim's Corundum Earings 50 - Earrings of Ascending 2 x 50 - Noah Tears 50 - Anuhart Brigade Belt Has 110k AP. Pm me your offer and I'll link my char to you. Get it now before 2.5 as chanter has great boost in new version! Thanks
    WTS: [Zikel] 55 Elyos Assassin1z1zCharacter is decked out in full +10 40 Elite, with Flarestorm and Stormwing's daggers (with a para stone!). It has another character on Siel (Asmo) that has over 700 *million* kinah, as well as numerous enchantment stones etc. (Character is a 51 Ranger, crap gear tbh) WoW Armory Anonymous Nameless Aion Armory World of Warcraft Armory ........... Account is a CE account, a veterans account of 18 months as well. Looking for $250 for the account, which is frankly a steal with what your getting. The Kinah alone you could resell and get your money back. Account is currently inactive, but can activate it. Have all information for the account (secret question, pin, etc) and am the original owner of the account. Thanks all!
    WTS: 27 Asmodian Templar1z1zHi everyone, I got kinda tired of Aion...I'm not one to enjoy grindfests, sO i want to sell my account. On the account is an Asmodian Templar on the Ariel server, and a lowbie Elyos cleric on Siel. The account has never been used to bot or trade/sell Kinah. I'm willing to negotiate a price. IM me and let me know what you've got. [​IMG] Contact info is in my sig. Thanks!
    WTS: 40 Elyos Assassin - Siel
    WTS: 5 Aion Account's / 5x 55 LvL Brigade General's - Elite +15 Gear's - Pro Characters1z1zCONTACT : : KariZeee E-Mail : [email protected] ACCOUNT #1 Elyos - Assassin + 10 Guardian Brigade general's Sword Kaisinel's Blessed Bow + 10 Guardian Brigade General's Sword Armor : FUll 50 Elite + 10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Gear Accesories : 55 Guardian Brigade General's Full ACCOUNT #2 Elyos Templar +12 Guardian Brigade General’s Greatsword +11 Jeshuchi’s Warhammer +2 Stormwing’s Shield Armory : Full Elite Guardian and Brigade All Items +12 / +13 Accesories is Full Guardian Brigade General's ACCOUNT #3 Sorcerer Elyos +11 Guardian Brigade General’s Jewel +3 Vorpal’s Tome Armor : is Full 55 All Items +10 Guardian Brigade General's Accesories Full 55 Guardian Brigade General's Turquoise ACCOUNT #4 Asmodian Gladiator : Weapons : +15 Commander Bakarma’s Spear Gear Armor : +6 Archon Brigade General’s Mail +5 Brigade General’s Chain Pauldrons +6 Brigade General’s Chain Greaves +6 Brigade General’s Chain Gloves +6 Brigade General’s Chain Boots Archon Brigade General’s Corundum Necklace Archon Brigade General’s Corundum Earrings Archon Brigade General’s Corundum Earrings Archon Brigade General’s Corundum Ring Archon Brigade General’s Corundum Ring Archon Brigade General’s Leather Belt Off Gear Full 55 Stormwing ACCOUNT #5 Asmodian Templar : +15 Guardian Brigade General’s Greatsword +15 Menotios’s Warhammer +10 Guardian Brigade General’s Shield Armor Gear : +10 Guardian Brigade General’s Plate Pauldrons +10 Guardian Brigade General’s Plate Greaves +10 Guardian Brigade General’s Gauntlets +10 Guardian Brigade General’s Plate Boots Guardian Brigade General’s Corundum Necklace Guardian Brigade General’s Corundum Earrings Guardian Brigade General’s Corundum Earrings Guardian Brigade General’s Corundum Ring Guardian Brigade General’s Corundum Ring Guardian Brigade General’s Leather Belt CONTACT : : KariZeee E-Mail : [email protected]
    WTS Sorcerer (Miragent's Tome +10) 50lvl, Elyos, Perento
    Wts templar lvl 55 perento asmodian +2 lower lvl accounts
    WTS US Aion Azphel 50 Sorc Elyos
    WTS Unused Aion CD Key - referral reward
    WTS TOP Asmodier Account [Kromede]
    WTS: Assasin LvL 55 _ Best Geared_
    WTT 55 Sorc EU
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