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    WTS Kinah Kromede Elyos
    WTS Kinah on Telemachus (180m)1z1zi've sold many item in my alt and now i've 180.000.000 kinah on telemachus i'll sell 180m for 300usd or 90m for 150usd the kinah is transferable
    WTS Kinah Thor Elyos1z1zPM or email me at *****************************************************
    WTS KINAH Vaziel Asmodian1z1zWTS kinah Asmodian 100 Million each $ 1 Bulk , PM your offer , thx
    WTS L55 Gladiator Exceptional Gear ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
    WTS L55 PVP Assassin
    WTS L55 Sin Elyos/Telema ( 1 2)
    WTS L55 Templar Exceptional Gear ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
    WTS L55 PvP SM High End GreedIA
    WTS L55 Gladiator & L55 Ranger, Both in full elite pvp gear1z1zL55 Gladiator - Triroan Polearm/PvP combo +10 - Full 50e Abyss Gear +3 - Everything Already slotted with best Manastones - Full PvP accessories - 345,498 AP on him already =) L55 Ranger - Drazma Bow/PvP combo +1 - Full 40e Abyss Gear +10 - 4/7 PvP accessories - Everything Slotted - 621,797 AP =) Allot of hard work and love went into these toons =) Have other toons 18SM, 20SM, 37Cleric, 33Chant, 38 sin. Please Post here and contact me with offers. AIM: Topherhaha Also contact if you want In game and armory pictures !! =)
    WTS Level 39 Asmodian Sorcerer (FT attuned) *Azphel*1z1zI am looking to sell my US Aion account due to a new job basically cutting my play time to absolute zero. It's a shame that I can't continue to play because the game is awesome thus far, but oh well. My collection skills are fairly well balanced and I still have all of my Collectors Edition items. That means 5x Emblems (20% exp for an hour), one event ring (water) as well as multiple other collector edition items. Account Type: Collectors Edition Pre-Order Server: Azphel Race: Asmodian Level/Class: 39 Sorc Kinah: 2.8mil Greater Alchemy: 29/299 Greater Extract Vitality: 129/299 Greater Extract Aether: 38/299 Playable Until: November 26, 2009 I'm looking for offers around $100. If somebody puts up a $100 offer, consider it sold. Please post here before contacting me. If you have any questions, get in touch with me ASAP. AIM: deadcakes3 E-mail: [email protected]
    wts lv 40 sin, spatalos1z1zlv 40 sin with 439 crit, 62'000 abyss points waiting to be spent, lv 35 abyss dagger with good godstone (22k AP one). from what i remember, atleast a few mil in bank. bump if interested, cheers no timewasters though please. £150 wins outright. (this account is on sale for $340 on a couple of websites). im willing to go a little lower though if it means a quicker sale.
    WTS lv50 Sin full fenris Triniel
    WTS LV55 Elysean Sorcerer (+9 Tahabata's tome / FULL 50 PvP..)
    WTS LV55 Elysean Sorcerer (+9 Tahabata's tome / FULL 50 PvP..)1z1z
    WTS LV55 Elysean Sorcerer (+9 Tahabata's tome / FULL 50 PvP..)1z1zHey! Even my sorcerer is boring..So.. Account Type: Collector's Edition / Pre-order Class: Sorcerer Level: 55 Gender: Female Pet: 12-month reward pet MONEY AND ITEMS +9 Tahabata’s Tome (Merged with PvP 50) Fully socketed with MB +25 +11 Miragent’s Tome (Merged with PvP 50) Fully socketed with MB +27 The FULL Abyssal 50 Elite set (+10) Socketed with MB +27 and PV +95 The FULL Miragent set (almost +1) Socketed with Magical Accuracy +14 All the LV.55 PvP Jewels (Guardian Primus Pilus) Kinahs: ~165.000.000 STIGMAS Current build: Sleeping Storm build + Wintry armor build. but you can setup the Flame Spray build if you want (for PvE..) CRAFTING, GATHERING -Alchemy 449 -Tailoring 500 (Master) -Essencetaping 454 -Aether 459 OTHER Transferable to all the EU servers 13 Month rewards Price around 325E PS: Close the topic to prevent spam; PM for infos
    WTS Lv 50 Ranger & Lv 50 Templar - US Server Israphel
    WTS lvl 47 Gladiator EU Perento (Asmodian)
    Wts lvl 51 full 50 Pvp+10 EQ Ranger
    WTS Lvl 50 Gladiator on EU/Kahrun + 4alts
    WTS lvl 50 SM +41 Templar1z1zHI wts my Spirit master lvl 50 + templar lvl 41+ sin lvl 22 server is Talamachus Elyos all charas are clean i played for 4 mounts got bored moving to tera online Sm lvl 50 have all Yellow items 2 parts Miragent boots/glowes started puldrons quest have 5 mil in bank lots of balour mets no profection i wont lie i hate crafting highest is cooking 175/199 wich is good for miragent pants quest you can chose eny expert you like + all pets tempest wind IV fire iV wather III earth III stigmas fear shreik / armor spirit / silance / ingate aethar /cyclone of wrath + others for templar was my main chara from start have some normal blue items abyss puldrons+boots 6 slot ready for 41 weapon quest 9800 hp buffd lvl 41 assassin is cool to full Life sett 2x life daggers crit crit build for more ditaild info link to characters Pm me ***************************************************** thnx,. hmm. email didnt display "underline " sidik"underline"***************************************************** peace.
    WTS lvl 50 sorc and lvl 49 Assassin on Siel ( 1 2)1z1zElyos side.. xenophon weapon.. other gears range from green to blue.. 20+million kinah on EACH account... pm offers or for details.. Edit: assassin is now lvl 50 with about 25-30mil kinah.
    WTS lvl 50 Templar Triniel decent equips Aion NA1z1zWell respected Level 50 Elyos Templar on the Triniel Server. This account is also a collectors edition, so free level 30 wings to all of your future toons! Cooking is maxed out for the Deavanion (miragents) leg quest. I have 20 to 100 of every level 50 white manastone, as well as 20+ level 50 green shield defense manastones saved up. Also include are around 15 hot balaur hearts and 50 or so boiling balaur blood stains so you will be well on your way to the first miragent leg attempt. pm me if interested. 200$ asking price repost
    wts mage 55 kromede
    WTS LVL 55 Cleric PVP-Geared + 55Sorc+50SM! [Asmo - Kromede]
    WTS LvL 55 Elyos Cleric Zikel
    WTS Ranger l55 Perento PVP gear
    WTS Ranger EU Elyos Kromede
    WTS Ranger lvl55 EU Telemachus
    WTS Retail Gladiator [Asmo/Perento]
    WTS Sin lvl50 on Votan

    WTS lvl asmo sorc full fenris(eu)
    WTS Ranger Full Abyss/Templar Full Fenris
    WTS Ranger lvl 38 server Ariel (12 months account.)1z1zUS aion, elyos lvl 38 ranger in server Ariel and lvl 32 ranger in server Siel asmosdian char. The lvl 38 has handicrafting at 399 need craft a bow then pass to 400. This account is 12month's fee already paid. Created On: Oct 20, 2009 Account Type: Standard Subscription: 12 Month ($) Renewal Date: Nov 20, 2010 This is collection edition aion version not normal one. Reward Level Date Awarded 1 Month: Pop Daeva Nov 20, 2009 2 Months: Honored Daeva Dec 20, 2009 3 Months: Dance Daeva Jan 20, 2010 4 Months: Honored Daeva Feb 20, 2010 5 Months: Honored Daeva Mar 20, 2010 6 Months: Soaring Daeva Apr 20, 2010 7 Months: Honored Daeva May 20, 2010 8 Months: Honored Daeva Jun 20, 2010 9 Months: To Be Announced Jul 20, 2010 10 Months: To Be Announced Aug 20, 2010 11 Months: To Be Announced Sep 20, 2010 12 Months: To Be Announced Oct 20, 2010 Best offer get this account. I can sell on ebay if you need, but i refer on ebay safety. thanks you
    WTS Ranger lvl 46 - Aion EU - Cheap!!
    WTS Ranger lvl 50 Full Fenrir Gorgos Asmodian1z1zlike Topic says ... send me PM for more info ...
    WTS Sin Asmo EU + Gladiator ( 1 2 3)
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