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    [​IMG]Hello today I am selling a Minecraft server that I bought awhile ago never go to do anything with it because I been busy this files are original no copy's out there everything is one of a kind server names Ekakary only thing is the main domain that it had expired Wich was so I bought a new one this are the files take a look I am currently asking $250 for this since it's one of a kind add me on discord indreamz69#1518 for questions or on here [​IMG]

    This server has an exclusive custom-made quality factions setup that has been completed and is ready to go.

    Here are some highlights from the setup:

    • No known bugs - players have stated all bugs they found and I have fixed all of them.

    • Ranks: 1 default rank, 5 donator ranks, 3 staff ranks, and multiple media ranks.

    • Balanced Economy - shop prices & f-top values are configured to complement the server’s economy.

    • Fully set-up /shop GUI

    • Properly configured McMMO - grind needed to have good stats, and at the same time they won’t make you too op.

    • Multiple kits for different purposes (30+ different kits for: PvP, building, raiding, enchanting, farming, etc.)

    • Various warps for different places (Enchantment, Crates, Nether, End, PvP Arena)

    • Fully setup Envoys and KoTHs w/ balanced out rewards.

    • 4 different crate tiers (vote, mystery, enchanted, mythical)

    • Hover-able chat functions (click a player’s name to open a message template, click » to open a teleport template, etc.)

    • Aesthetic color scheme & theme (photos will show this)

    Here’s some photos of the setup:







    The builds are exclusive and have a consistent oriental theme, they are all built by CedryK and come in schematic files. (Note: current warzone in map was slightly altered by HugoDoesStuff, he added huge trees which is a separate schematic file)

    Schematic files:

    • Spawn (OrientalSpawn) (around 100x100 - it’s not square)

    • Warzone w/ Spawn (OrientalWarzoneWithSpawn) (500x500)

    • PvP Arena (OrientalPvPArena) (100x100 or 150x150)

    • KoTH (orientalkoth) (50x50 or 75x75)

    • Extra KoTH (orientalfloatingkoth) (size n/a)

    • End & Nether Spawn (OrientalNetherSpawn & orientalEndSpawn) (50x50 or 75x75)

    • Pink tree (OrientalPinkTree) (size n/a)


    Spawn & Warzone[​IMG][​IMG]



    PvP Arena



    End & Nether Spawns


    All server graphics are custom and exclusive except for the server banner, they all have an oriental theme which fits in well with the builds and the setup’s aesthetic.

    Logo & Alternate Logos

    Icon (taken from logo)[​IMG]

    Donator Rank Icons


    Extra Graphic


    Domain, Discord, Website, and Store
    Domain: [​IMG]


    It’s fully setup w/ 125 members at the time I’m creating this.



    It’s a fully setup Xenforo website with 1 customized theme created by Ben J. (2 theme versions: dark and light mode)[​IMG]



    It’s a fully setup Buycraft store w/ a custom theme. It has over 50 packages for sale.


    Sales (Donations)
    Most of the donations are from the first month of each season, the donations die down due to the lack of competition on the server, it usually lowers along with the player-base.



    I don’t have a good record of the player-base statistics however for our second map I have these screenshots:[​IMG]

    This is from the first day of the server being open, I had no paid advertisements and only used server lists such as PMC and minecraft-server-list.[​IMG]

    This is when we had a streamer called J4 on the server.


    Right now, 10/03/2018 the server has 15 regular players logging on at different times, so I assume that’s the playerbase.

    I won’t lie, the player-base is bad now but that’s because I’m not able to bump the server list posts everyday and I also don’t have enough time to re-post every few days. I’m sure can easily be revived through constant bumping & re-posting.

    Sale information
    Terms and Conditions
    • Once sold I will no longer be liable for anything that happens to the goods.

    • No refunds will be granted under any circumstances.
    This is the general process unless we explicitly agree on a different process.

    1. We will discuss the sale, agree on a price, and possibly set special conditions.
      1. *You will send me the full payment.
        1. Via a money transfer for pick-up. (
          1. We will both wait until I receive the money. (This will most likely take around 24-48 hours using xoom.)
        2. Via Paypal.
          1. We will both wait until I receive the money. (Nearly instantly in most cases).
      2. Once I get the money I will give you the following:
        1. Download link to a .zip containing all files

        2. Domain (I will transfer it to your email)

        3. Discord (I will set the ownership to your Discord account)

        4. Graphics (I will send all the graphics to you via Discord or email)

        5. Buycraft (I will change the Buycraft store ownership)
    2. Once the deal has gone through you are now free to do whatever you want with your purchased assets.

    I’m down to use a Middleman that we both agree on.


    Current Offer: none

    BIN: $250
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