Selling  XBox One  High End OP XBOX ACCOUNT

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    Sorry for formatting on mobile

    16000+ gamerscore

    35+ games

    Modern Warfare items:

    2.2 KD

    5.2 W/L

    Lots of gold guns

    Completed ALL master rank progression challenges in Season 0

    Anime waifu skin for the Oden

    Limited time doritos watch and calling card

    Apex Legends items:

    Wraith heirloom

    Fresh level 26 account

    BO4 items:

    Prestige Master Level 400

    Dark Matter

    100% of multiplayer challenges completed

    Nuked Out

    Kill Chain

    Rainbow Six Siege items:

    Multiple diamond charms

    Lots of platinum charms

    Level 230

    All Operators

    Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 Season pass

    2793 r6 credits

    36k renown

    10x 1 day boosters

    Lots of legendary items

    Lots of seasonal skins

    Lots of pro league sets

    Fully completed battle pass 1 and battle pass 2

    Elite Doc

    Elite Jager

    Elite Ash

    Black ices for:

    R4C (Ash)

    F2 (Twitch)

    OTs-03 (Glaz)

    AK 12 (Fuze, Ace(New operator))

    6P41 (Fuze, Finka)

    Camrs (Buck)

    MP5 (Doc, Rook, Oryx)

    M45 Muesoc (Ash, Pulse, Thermite, Castle)

    P226 MK 25 (Thatcher, Sledge, Mute, Smoke, Kali)

    Pro Leauge team items:

    Evil Geniuses: UMP (2018)

    Fnatic: L85a2 (2018)

    Penta: T5 smg (2018)

    Team Liquid: FMG9, Smoke headgear, Smoke uniform, Team liquid charm (2018)

    Team Empire: MP7, Bandit headgear, Bandit uniform, Team Empire Charm (2019)

    Doktors curse (2019 Haloween event) items:

    Tender Peepers (Ela headgear)

    Live corpse (Bandit headgear)

    Hybrid Monster (Smoke headgear)

    Risen (Lesion Headgear)

    Rotten (Lesion Uniform)

    Charged Convict (Bandit uniform)

    Acid Scourge (T5 Weapon skin)

    Blackwood (9x19VSN Weapon skin)

    Please message me on discord @ Clutchyn#6763 if you would like to make an offer and/or learn more about the account (such as the exact guns I have gold for, what team kits I have for siege, etc). I can also send you pictures for proof of the items on the account just ask me for them on here or discord.

    More than happy to use a middle man.
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    I've added you on discord. Let's talk there.