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    Selling my account because i dont play anymore and im in need of college money.
    Account details:
    Rank: Current elite 3, have played only 1 game since the new season, was onmyioji last season got the border aswell
    Level: 71 (got the level 70+ special recall effect)
    Shikis: I have all of them including the new one released recently (65 total) +i got all 3 crossover shikis unlocked
    Skins:100 out of which:
    -32 Dye
    -24 Rare
    -22 Epic
    -7 Legendary
    -1 Royal
    -4 Evolved
    -And every season/battlepass skin until this season
    -Lots of skin trial amulets for the skins that i dont own

    Inventory (i will list only the main items):
    -14 summon amulets
    -52 skin tokens
    -491 mystery voucher
    -2 evolved amulets (unused, they dont expire)
    -7 soul stone

    This is my personal account and i've put a lot of passion and money into it and even met my girlfriend in this game but unfortunately i have no more time to play the game. I consider the price to be fair or even cheap compared to the money i've put into it.
    The account price is 200$ #.
    In this account i've put 762.95$US with proof from the recipt emails.
    For any info regarding what skins/favour or any sale information my discord id is RGT#0022.

    *Buy it fast and get a gift as a bonus*
    **Also taking league of legend accounts in exchange if they are valued at >500$
    ***Also accepting highly rated middleman (you support the cost) / paypall
    Looking and asking for seriosity.
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