One of the most geared chanters you will ever find :)

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    Selling one of the most geared chanters you will ever find. Siel asmo. Gear Full aug2 +12. Socketed with MR14. Full Archon sentinels Set socketed with attack 5's 2 full e50 sets. 1 level 60T2 cruci set 1 level 55T2 cruci set +10 1 full e40 set. Full level 60 ap accessories. (have 2x 55 earrings and 2x55 rings in bank to exchange for ap in 4.0) 1x Sunayaka's Hairpin Weapons 1x Disorted Dragons pride +15 with a level 60 AP combine. (not the ****ty cruci one) with silence godstone 1x Archon Commander's Shakujo (Aug2 staff) +10 with gold para godstone 1x Vashati's Staff +10 With blind godstone 1x Archon Commander's shield With full MR14 1x Coliseum Champoin's Cudgel. (cast speed and MR) 1x Tac Officer's Cudgel (para godstone) 1x Lannoks staff +15 (can sell with passes) Stats 2,248MR 1,523 MA and 710 crit in the 1 set only taking serious offers on the account. There are a bunch of enchants and a bike mount ect. Add me of if you are interested. krausey182 cheers Also have 136 mith medals, 64 plats and 25,000 cruci insigs. - - - Updated - - - Will consider a trade for a similar geared ranger/glad. Must have at least full Aug and 60 pvp accessories. Cash + account will also be accepted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.