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    Selling my Age of conan MMO acocunts.. This is much better then world of warcraft, aion etc I have two accounts i'm looking to trade or sell.. 1)HOX 2 epic swords, has all the pvp 1-5 gear no aa's 2)Necro has all the bought pvp 1-5 gear also no aa's Asking 75.00 Account two. UPDATE!!!!!!!! Age Of Conan Account 1) 80 Bear Shaman - PVP 3 Slouth of bears, 5/5 decisive strikes Helm: 78 culture gear L: Tier 2 Chest: 78 Culture gear Boots: pvp 2 Weapon: Great 2HB with 2 gem slots the belt, wrists, hands is pvp gear 2) 80 Assassin - pvp 4 Great AA's TW+FH 5/5 decisive strikes[/B]Helm - 80 crafted Boots: Tier 2 epic deadly guile Chest: epic pvp 4 chest + tier 2 deadly guile Hands: tier 2 deadly guile Belt: Tier 2 black whispers SHoulders: Tier 1 deadly guile Wrists: Tier 1 deadly guile Boots: Tier 2 black whispers 3) 80 Barb: pvp 3 65% to pvp 4[/B]Chest: Teir 2 Vicious Frenzy L: tier 2 Vicious Frenzy Helm: tier 2 Vicious Frenzy The rest of the gear is level 80 PVP gear 4) 80 Dark Templar pvp 5.[/B] This is the highest PVP level, and has EVERY piece of pvp gear you can get.. Has over 3,000 kills and all purple pvp gear.. Great AA"s most things maxed! Each piece takes 45 mini game wins, and this DT has every piece! It's a beast 5) 80 Demo [/B]-- store bought pvp 5 gear (pvp 3) good AA's, time training as we speak 6) 80 Conq[/B] -- most gear is t-2 or t-3 including 3 swords. Great fun account!!! Really well geared. I'v played this account since 2008 Has 4 months playtime PAID.. Asking 350.00 If you don't know about AOC your missing out [1080p] DX10 MAX SETTING Age of Conan - Rise of... PVP: You Tube
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.