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    Looking for a Decent pure Money MakerHey guys Im looking for a decent money makeing pure as the title says.. Now up for grabs i have a lvl 137 up for swap the account must have GP look at my posts to see the account up for swap!! Add my [email protected] or my Lolly_pop15Lvl 3 Skiller 99 Fishing & Agility + OG name [RSGP/SWAP] ( 1 2)CLOSED THREAD SWITCHED TO: :///showthread.php?p=9994742#post9994742+=Swapping Lvl 85 Zerker for an Obby [email protected] ( 1 2)Hello everyone, I am here today to trade one of my most prized Zerkers for an Obby Maul/Zeal Mule! First off, the reason for this drastic trade offer is that i'm tired of working my love you off for Jagex! I have played for over 8 years of my life. I really want a mauler to make a one-of-a-kind pker! Call me dumb, but I want 10 Attack 90+ Strength and 30 Defence, just because I like Prossy and Obby Maulers! So if anyone would like to help me out heres your chance! Here is the type of mauler i'm looking for! 1-10 Attack 85+ Strength 1-20 Defence 60+ Range THIS ACCOUNT HAS ONLY EVER HAD 2 PASSWORDS, BOTH WILL BE PROVIDED. I have been using this site for over a year, trying to get more out of this bullshit life-absorbing game, but so far iv'e only got scammed. If your trusted and you have an Obby Mauler, and your interested, even if it isn't 90 Str SHOW IT TO ME, we can make an agreement if it has other leverage. (e.g. Cash, Mith Glovs, Reset) I ALSO HAVE A LVL 91 RUNE PURE WITH 85-90-40 52 Prayer AND 141 QP, ALONG WITH A LVL 79 WITH 60-81-45 31Prayer TORSO,DEFENDERS, etc. ALL OF WHICH I AM WILLING TO TRADE FOR JUST ONE OBBY MAULER/ZEAL MULE!!!!! PLease PM me and Post BEFORE IMing me.selling lvl 49 73 range 94 wood cut 1 def!!!hey just wanna sell my pure 48 combat 94 wood cut 1 def 1 str 1 atk!! 55 magic 72 range !! has most stats for DT and alot of the requemnt quest'sshadoeiizzzi have a rs account pure lvl 49 combat 73 range 94 wood cut 55 mage 1 str 1 atk 1 def 1 pray looking for rs goldmembershipSelling HP Pure [87 HP | 2 Defence]://gyazo/5d3beaf32d21e60f8a65632a24d0706e ://gyazo/6254f80dd91071aee75fce30d98c5c96 Has no membership, was created with an email address. Has no money either. D: Only asking for $15 or 25M.99 WC, 90 Fishing 32 CombatI'm trying to sell this account as I have no desire to use it with the current botting state & the look of botting in the future. I'm not looking for very much, I just want to get it off my hands. Hasn't been botted on for a while, probably 2 months, and I have been the only owner. I will NOT go first, unless you are extremely trusted. Doesn't really have anything impressive other than 99 woodcutting and 90 fishing. Yes, it still has email, recoveries and 13 days of member. I will cancel the email and recoveries (if you still can?) if I find a serious buyer. The blacked out stats are pretty low. Starting bid: None Auto win: $30 (unrealistic, but just because I want an autowin. don't tell me I won't get it, i don't give a love you)selling f2p range pureUploaded with ImageShack.us im selling my f2p range pure couse i never use it anymore..was going to make it into a range/obby maul pure but forgot about it lol, saving up to buy another acc its never been membs, dosent have recovs or email, and its only had one password, will use a mm or go first if your trusted or i can feel i trust you, no A/W but i will take best offer
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