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    [RSGP]6def,addygloves,dt,all quests[Rsgpcheap]Hello Im new to and decided to sell my old account [failed pure] I Didnt come here to scam anyone and just to sell my accounts. So im just looking for a good trade More about how the trade will happen We will use a trusted ,Or if u sure want u can go first but i guess no cuz im new here. *U will get all infos *I Accept Only Rsgp *My is [email protected] So More about the account. Theres no A/W so just bid and ill accept,because this account is not worth so much. More about the account. So the account has all pure quests done. Monkey madness,lost city,desert treasure,horror from the deep,animal magnetism Has ADDY gloves,Ghostly. ACCOUNT HAS 500k wealth... Acoount has 35k dungeoneering tokkens which is 62 dung level. u can buy arcane stream neck if u want and brid. Pictures Login Screen THE EMAIL WILL BE CHANGED TO URS WHEN WE TRADE Black Marks [green zone] Stats,wealth,items MY IS [email protected] If u want to meet or get more pictures add me.[rsgp] obby maul pure 2.5m-3m NEED TO SELL NOW! ( 1 2)agains first time selling im impatient and need a few mill. please buy decent acc good for pking://img844.imageshack.us/img844/5...1030170655.pngObby mauler pure w/ 55 slayersold.Selling level 49 CB. *READ*Selling level 49 combat, 50 atk, 60 str, 52 hp, 41 dung, 37 smith, 99 cook, 81 fm, and 4 wc. PM or Reply with a post for offer. Thanks.[RSGP] Selling Level 53 pureSelling a level 53 pure. Has both 1 def and prayer. Also has membership until November 23rd. No email set or recoveries. Looking for rsgp, but will consider taking paypal. Post below, PM me, or add my [email protected] a/w: 15m VouchesSelling two amazing pures. 1 def and pray.I will not post pics since I'm way too lazy for that. I bought the accounts here, and now I wanna resell and buy something totally perfect. First account: 50 Att 70 str 1 def 75 range 1 pray 61 magic 99 fire making 85 mining Combat 54. Second account: 50 att 50 str 1 def 11 pray 82 magic DT, MM done. All info will be delivered to you. I take RSgp only. ( I bought both accounts here, and I will get the "vouches" if you want me to. MM can be used, and wecwill split. I will only take rsgp.Selling well quested lvl 54 Gmaul pure cheap!As bad as this sounds, I cannot afford 4 accounts on members at once, so im selling this one for cheap (make offers below) ALL MAJOR ATTACK QUESTS DONE FOR 50 ATTACK MEMBERS TILL 14th HAS 1337 DUNGEONEERING COINS, ELM STAFF AND FULL SARA BOOK! I will not go first, you can pay for a mm if you want[RSGP] Selling Obby Mauler. 99 Str. Combat 44 [RSGP]For sale is an account that has endless possibilites still. I'm selling because I don't use this account as much as I thought I would. Here's a few pictures below showing the lobby, stats, and combat. I have every bit of information on the account. -Membership details -Creation time and date -ISP information -Every password used I'm only looking to sell the account for RSGP. As I don't have vouches, I won't ask anyone I trade with to go first. An OMM will be used for the trade unless you're a trusted member of . Please post serious offers; nothing below 50m. Highest Bid: 55m A/W: 125m Please post on my thread before contacting me : [email protected] (this is my one and only email I'll EVER speak to you on)
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