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    [RSGP] Selling pure with 99 theivingHey guys im selling this awesome pure, all the attack quests have been done so this account can be made into any type of pure. 15m A/W[swap]trading my lvl 117 main[swap]:///showthread.php?t=1277436[PP] Level 3 Skiller 1.5k Total! 450m Wealth 96 FARMING 6 99s 4 90s ( 1 2 3)LEADING OFFER: 450$ (Powerbot) / 1B RSGP ( / Not confirmed) AUTOWIN: 600$ IF You want to buy with RSGP, then you can ONLY buy the account without any wealth, I'll then sell the gold to a trusted buyer myself. There's a reason to why i WON'T be able to recover this account upon sale, i'll talk about it to any interested buyer over my : [email protected] Post before adding so i know I'm not talking to any kind of imposter or w/e, i'll ask you to post anyways so don't bother. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well guys, it's time to say bye. Actually i haven't played in the last month but i think Now is the right time to get rid of everything RS related. THIS ACCOUNT IS WELL KNOWN AMONG THE SKILLING COMMUNITY, YOU MIGHT DISCOVER MY NAME EASILY PS: I've a small Youtube account, with a decent amount (about 60) of subscriber and 5.4k views also, i can give it to a new owner if that's what he/she would like =) I've to be honest: This game is boring as love you now. No other reasons to why I quit. Well I'm also 18 already, and I've finished school this year. Those who know me, will know that I've played this account 100% LEGIT so no worries about that. I plan on leaving the wealth on it, as I want someone TRUSTED to buy this account, because I'm taking Paypal for It, you can keep the wealth just so you know that even if the account was recovered, you wouldnt lose everything PS: I assure you it wont, just saying. THE ACCOUNT HAS EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT ON A SKILLER! 200K Tokens!, 54 QPS, 300 Mobilising Armies ranks, Ardougne Cloak AND MUCH MUCH MORE We can talk about that over if anyone would like!lvl 49!! cb purelooking for a quick sale 10m85 Magic, 10 HP Pure (82 Cooking FREE)Close please, new thread.75+ Vouches*Rsgp*Skiller/Starting Gmauler Account*Rune Miner*Red Chin Hunter*Selling this nice account Email Login No blackmarks Priest in Peril done is [email protected] Only accepting rsgp. Any other offers will be reported. Bid away.[Mod | 500+ Vouches] CLOSING SALE --- 1-Def, 95+ Ranged Pures [400+ Accs Sold] ( 1 2)I am selling off my stock of incomplete pures from before the bot nuke. These are close-out prices, and I don't anticipate botting to be resurrected any time soon. Get these truly discontinued accounts while they are still for sale! Instructions on How to Buy: I accept Paypal, Google, Western Union, checks, mail, and GP. Post here, PM me, or add me [email protected] to purchase! Account #1: 97 Rng & 60 HP A/W: $65ONLY $50 SOLD Account #2: 95 Rng & 57 HP A/W: $65 ONLY $50 Account #3: 95 Rng & 57 HP A/W: $50 SOLDBuying a decent pure PPim buying a decent pure not the best but i have currently 28$ cad which converts to 27-26$ usd so im willing to spend it all if i get a nice start pure.
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