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    buying pure magelooking to spend some cash on a mage pure. all other combats must be 1 (other then hp). mage lvl isn't rlly important, 40+ will suffice.pureeebuyin a mage pure..... looking for the account to have 1 def 80+ mage dont care about other skills but must haave 1 in other combat skills apart from hp... will pay threw paypal or .Buying OBBY MAUL PURE, at least 80 str, no more than 20 atkTitle says all. -No higher than 1 defense State your prices! VOUCHES :///showthread.php?t=1292360Selling this skiller 95 dg and more.SOLD TO CARU TI If ya buy it and would like to buy 99 dung visit this thread :p :///showthread.php?t=1290314 Accepting rsgp/paypal. Nothing else. It has a pretty decent name...Pm me on forums for the name. Email will be deleted as soon as I find a buyer. Account in green zone.Sell Fresh Cvv,fullz,dumps,bank login,wu trf,book ticket,paypenispensipenispenisLevel 3 Skiller [ 99 FM + 99 COOK ] Email Login - No RecoverysHey Im selling this awsome skiller, as i dont play runescape anymore! Yes it does have an email login and no recoverys! ill go first if your trusted! if not you can go find a MM to use.Buying SummTankWTB Good Summoning Tank. Ask me any question in a PM, but the general idea here is: Me = Money You = Amazing SummTank with a good 99 moneymaker, 75+ Def, and 76+ Summoning I prefer this account to have no bank.99 Hunting Pure [85 Mage, 220 Days Since Last Login]So, while seeing an offer for a 90 day RS Members card, (Valued @ 25M), for a hunter pure, i decided to find this old account through the 100's of files i have from my current and previous accounts, and found this. It was last logged in 220 days ago (almost 8 months) , and has 99 hunter and 85 mage. It's defence is not quested, but if you were to become a zerker it wouldn't affect it at all, possibly even if you wanted to be a turmoil pure. S/b: 10M C/b: Quote: Originally Posted by rng3r 0wnz u ill offer 12mill A/w: 15M [email protected] Has hunter cape equipped in f2p. Pictures:
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