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    Looking for pures!Hey im looking to buy a pure. I will be paying with rsgp. All accounts must have 1 defence and no recovs or email. Im willing to split mm fees Here are the accounts i am willing to buy... 1 attack obby mauler with atleast 80str 60att account with 75str+ quested 40att with atleast 80str Hybrid with atleast 80range/mage and quested As i said before all accounts must have 1 defence and no email or recoveries registered. My . [email protected] if it says im offline send me a message anyway.[PAYPAL ONLY] Selling 99 Firemaking 99 Cooking Starting Mage! MUST SEE!Has membership till next month! Make offers! Put your email also!Lvl 3 Pure Skiller Wc80 fsh77 You leave offerI'm trying to get rid of my lvl 3 skiller. It's great though has over 500k idk exact amount because alot of members objects and i dont wanna buy membership anymore. Woodcutting level is 80 and fishing level is 77. Also 22 firemaking. This is really good for money making. Back when i was member i made 3m in a few days. Then I just diced it all away. So this is a great account. You leave an offer though I accept Paypal and you can also give me rsgp.[$PP/RSGP$][51 CB] Selling Fully Quested Gmauler [Desert Treasure][$PP/RSGP$] ( 1 2)I am selling a fully quested G-maul pure. I will use a OMM/Go first to people I deem trusted. About the account: * Comes with a full months Membership * The account is only 6 days old. (19/12/2011) * I am the original owner * Beastly starting G-mauler account, fully quested. * The attack is quested up to level 45, which is every attack quest done for its level. * The account will be 70 Magic soon. It has also got 71 Quest Points, including the following quests: - Desert Treasure - Monkey Madness - Lost City - Death Platu - Horror From The Deep - Mithril Gloves (Needs 48 Agility only for Addy's) - Ava's Quest - Dwarf Cannon Here are some pictures for the account: Login Screen: ] Combat Stats: If you are interested, please add my below, or drop a post or PM me, thanks.Buying 40-50 Combat PureReqs: Dt done. Mithril Gloves. Price range, 15 to 20m. Stat don't have to be good.lvl 54 pure 5m worth [email protected][email protected] my pure account after seeing i dont use it no more hit me up on runescape mi user name shuld be "drblueblood" if that dosent work then " i go tank i" and the pures name is "I superdank I" stats are 76str 40att 65range and 68 hp i whope good none member butt with it, add me if ur intrested[RSGP]Buying 40 atk pure with 60+ str and 1 pray![RSGP]Closed[RSGP] Buying obby pure! [RSGP]I'm looking for an obby pure. Must be 1 atk and defence and no higher than 52 prayer. I'd prefer the strength to be 75+ but we'll see what happens. Also low range and mage level if possible. Hit me up on here or to discuss. Thanks.
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