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    [18CB] Selling NICE Skiller/Pure [60Def]CURRENT BID: 7M Hey, I'm selling an 18CB with the following stats ( ones worth noting ): -99 Woodcutting -90 Firemaking -68 Mining -65 Thieving -60 Crafting -60 Defence -58 Fishing Images, although the current person interested hasn't contacted me.[RSGP] CB 50 | Mage 92 | HP 20 |All the information comes with the account. We'll be using MM, unless you wanna go first ^^. I think that's all. Oh yeah, the price: All offers are welcome in RSGP, just go ahead and offer . I would also like to know the price of this account, if it's possible, so post, if you can Pictures: Stats: Bank:Decent RS Skiller StarterI am looking for about 1m RSGP. Its just an account that'll save a skilled or someone who wants to make a DT pker account. It has never been botted on.Rubber Chicken & Yoyo Account *cheap*SolddddTrading account!username login, no recoveries, 86 fishing and full chicken. I realize I probably have to go first because I am new. Send me a pm or post here if interested. Hoping to trade for an upgrade or rsgp. Thanks![99MiningSkiller] Selling Amazing Skiller with 99mining + Many more! 99MiningSkiller]Highest Bid Wins! No A/W Set yet, so bid while the account lasts! Very Good Skilling stats and a very fun account , [Also rune ores are 10k each, just pointing that out ] - [email protected] an account with temple at sennisten done!hey im buy an account with temple at sennisten done. NOTE* -Low Prayer Under 70 (it can have higher but price will only go up 5-10$) -60 or lower attack -80 or lower strength -80 or lower range -i dont care what magic is 40 or lower def (paying more if its 30-35) NOTE* ALL THE SKILLS ABOVE CAN BE WAYYYY LOWER!!! I WILL PAY MORE FOR LOWER!!!!! hit me up on my ! OR LEAVE A POST! __________________ -I ALWAYS Have accounts for Sale/Swap My -Wakeisme My [email protected] level 48 Starter surmoil pure with 76 pray!Sellnig this kinda decent starter turmoil pure heres some pics he has kind of a rare name-138sAreFat A/W-25M C/O-3M-Xjihkill add my if interested or leave a post with your bid!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.