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    49 Combat Pure! 1def! Good Starter!Hey, im selling a starter pure, has death plateau and dwarf cannon done. i bought it as an obby pure from 'ryanpatchell' for 20M RSGP. It is 25 attack, but can easily be trained for your suitable needs. paypal or rsgp acceptable Go ahead and have fun bidding. starting bid 10m. also, it has a pretty cool name :p Uploaded with ImageShack.us{sawp}swapping a lvl 115 for either a skiller with 2 99s or a good pure pm me or comment for ofersBuying Summoning Pure.Hey guys I'm looking to buy a summoning pure! I want to buy a good one so I'm looking for it to be mainly a tank or maybe just a high summoning level. Will be more interested if is low level but sick stats. I will pay via or paypal, or RSGP![RSGP] Buying obby mauler from trusted ONLYI will only buy from Trusted people, as i do not want the acc to be recovered. REQ 1att 70+ str 1 defence 60+ range Post your price and Thread/pictures.Buying pure mage through SWAPHi, I'm buying decent pure mage with all other skills level 1, hp doesn't matter. I want to swap your pure mage for my main lv.96 cb. PM if interested ://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/197/charvk.png/swapping my account with 2 99s for a decent starter pure!!hello all im looking for a decent starter pure :///showthread.php?t=1300248 if you got anything tell me!Selling Pure | 1 Defence | 51 attack | 54 Strength | 72 Range | 85 MagicPerfect starter pure, Account will come with recoveries + passwords. Has 234k in bank.Buying Starter Pure [PayPal]Nothing too high please. Will only buy from a trusted member. Will pay up to $10. Post away
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