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    Selling some accounts, quitting rsHello, I'v got a few accounts to sell, just don't want to play the game so decided to just quit and get what I can for what I have. All are up for offers. 1st: *Combat Level 51* A/w: 45mil rsgp has a registered email but no recoveries, also green skin + membership until december offer away 2nd: *Combat Level 42* A/W 50m RSGP green skin, membership until december, Registered email, but no recoveries. has mith gloves from rfd done. Registered email, but no recoveries. 3rd: *HAS RECOVERIES, sorry X.x, and registered email.* *Combat Level 85* A/w: 65mil rsgp *Offer up, sorry, not looking for anything crazy, prefer to deal with rsgp though, just want a bit of cash back from the investment I put in these before I just quit outright.* PS: Only looking to work with rsgp since I'm inexperienced with paypal sells and I'd rather just sell the rsgp itself to someone with 15000000 vouches over working with someone with 20 and hoping it goes smoothly. add me on or , [email protected]: Zeal MuleI want a zeal mule, post with what you have, how many zeals and how much you want. thanks.Awesome Skiller, 6 x 99's including agil,craft and mining ( 1 2 3)Login -[/] Stats - Offence page - All information will be given to the buyer such as recoverys, previous passwords ect ect, i have no interest in rs anymore as iv played for years and now gone to wow (so much better) so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the account is yours untill you quit, i have a notepad full of information on account that will be given to the buyer Login is a username not an email Im selling this account for rsgp or irl items, leave your offer leave a comment if your interested and il pm my OMM AT YOUR COSTS, Also for the idiots, the account is not banned, i can meet in game to prove it (To those who noticed iv sold same account before, the buyer tried scamming me so now im reselling) Current bid - 50m×÷·.·´¯`·)»[ Selling EPIC Pure! Beast level 59! ]«(·´¯`·.·÷×Hi, The account has been rolled back. It is now 59 combat with; - Lunar Magics (10 Defence, the lowest you can have with Lunar) - Ancient Magics (10 Prayer, the lowest you can have with Ancients) - Ava's Accumulator (10 Prayer, the lowest you can have with Accumulator) - Dragon Slayer (10 Defence, the lowest you can have with Quest Complete) - Fremmenik Trials (Same as above) - Mithril Gloves (Possible to get barrows below 20, just needs heroe's) - Monkey Madness - Lost City - Priest in Peril + Restless Ghost (Usually 16 Prayer) Perfect account if you want to make it a pker. A/W: $30 PLEASE EMAIL '[email protected]' IF YOU'RE INTERESTED! THESE PICTURES ARE FROM THE DAY I GOT RESET.How Much Are...If I had a 10HP account level 60 magic , how much would that sell for in RSGP?+RSGP+Easter Ring+Pure+Vet Cape+ ( 1 2)First, Let me point out that this account is over 6 years old and still has 0 Defence XP. Only Accepting RSGP. No SWAPS! Members until 13th of November. MM will be used. Comes with all of the hats and scarves. Has a VET cape. Has an EASTER RING. Has a Zombie Head. Has a Green Marionette. Still has 1 Prayer. Quests Done: Plague City and Biohazard 85 Magic for TELEBLOCK. 83 RANGE!! 58 Combat. Never had an Offense, Ban, or Mute. Starting Bid: 10M Auto-Win: 25M LOWERED A/W to 20M! SOME STAKING PICS:buying range or strength pure!i have 52m and a level 104 with 99 strength 87 fishing 90 hp 90 mage ect i could throw in tooBuying f2p Pure. paypalBuying F2P pure. paying by paypal. must meet these requirements 40 att, no more no less 1 def 1 prayer 40+ str everything else doesnt matter. reply here or add me on . jack.walkley
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