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    Swapping my account for a level 3 skiller look in! [SWAP]swapping this account for a level 3 skiller with maybe a couple of 99's please reply to this thread or email on [email protected] or add me on .. remixxpandahx[RSGP] Selling Pure [RSGP] [TRUSTED]SELLING THIS SEXY PURE FOR 5M!!! This pure is combat level 46 and has 62 Strength, 40 Attack(so you can whip out the rune 2h and pwn newbs), and 52 Hitpoints. I am selling it for 5m RSGP. PM me or Post if you are interested. Code: I will only go first if you are trusted :D[BUYING] G-Maul Rusher - 80 str + & 82mageTitle reads, purchasing an Ancients G-Maul rusher Requirements: 50 attack to wield G-Maul Must have over 80 strength 82 magic DT completed All info (a recovery test will be performed) Form of payment will be RSGP Going first to VERY trusted members only Post Belowbuying any pure account or skiller / ppi'm restarting runescape. something relatively cheap around 15$ mark i guess. no recoveries or email or whatever idunno. as long as its safe and wont be recovered. i'll go first to trusted peoples otherwise i guess i can try sort out mm but if you have one on hand thats fantastic hit me up[Paypal] Low Level D-Bower [Paypal]Selling this pure for paypal only. We well use omm or mm or you well go first unless your very trust worthy. Add my or Located below picture. A/W : 10$ A/W: For this + :///showthread.php?t=1286025 22$ Uploaded with ImageShack.us : rudeness14 : [email protected] F2P Range 2h'er For Sale.Helloooo, McSiCKz here with yet another account to sell Low Level pure, 49 combat. Grim Reaper Hood. When I logged into this the other day it had "You Last Logged in 1442 Days Ago." So it almost has veteran cape. ~ Non-Email Login ~Selling Multiple AccountsI am trying to sell these accounts; Lets lay down the rules. -I do not go first, sorry scammers. -I have always been the owner of these accounts. -Don't spam -Offer RSGP or PayPal -All information will be given after purchase. They May have recovery Q's or Email's on them but, that can be changed. Obby Mauler - Black Pure - Range Pure/99 Fishing - Defense Pure/99 Fire-making -Lvl 59 Range/Mage Pure -- Dt Done!-- ( 1 2)Ok, soo im selling my pure that ive worked on for a long time. Please note that i will sell only to trusted people. I accept rsgp or paypal. paypal only from HIGHLY TRUSTED people. Autowin: SOLD! Here are the details:
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