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    Xtermite Account Shop (Trusted)Couple Old Zeal mules With 10hp mostly all fake emails,No recovies No set price just offer and most likely ill accpet it : [email protected] :Julianjordoncourtney Account .1 Account .2 Account .3[RSGP/SWAP] Rune pure high range ! [RSGP/SWAP]Looking to get rid of the account for another account with lower defence or will take 10m for the account or the best offer. Thank you very muchSelling 99 Range 1 Defence Pure!{rsgp}Make some offerzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!Buying a tank / def pureHai im looking to purchase a cheap starter tank or defence pure for rsgp please post your accounts and how much you want for them. please make sure you are trusted.Buying Skillers! 10Mil BudgetIf you have a level 3 with : - 99firemaking -99Woodcuting -99Cooking Post if you your account has any of these three requirements PAYING ONLY 10MIL MAX! only looking for level 3s but if u got a 1 def account with once 99 ill accept *Note please no recoveries or email TY!Buying Mage Pure [paypal][checkitout]Looking to buy a mage pure Needs to have 70+ magic and preferably 1 everything else I would like to pay PayPal for this account (gift) and I don't want to go first unless your trusted, capeesh? I have 45 dollhairs to spend on this account!Selling Level 3Selling Level 3 Has some noob stats but has okay equipment to skill PM If you want it You make offer and you go first pleaseSelling Weird PureSelling Weird Pure lol =P I will not go first got scammed by a player today 30-40m RSGP Only! Person goes first also no offences on it and i will get test recovery q's if needed
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.