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    Okay A little background information first, My boyfriend started playing DCU and after a week i got into it, so i bought a digital copy for pc off gamestop. Only to find out ps3 and pc players cant share the same server so there goes 50USD out the window. Same day I went and bought another PS3 copy for our 2nd ps3 in the house. I lv a 30dps along with my B/F then we found out 2 dps wont work in same group. So i lv a healer to lv 30 got about 25marks for Tier 1, My ps3 die on me. Got it replace today only to find out that I can reocver my character because I dont know the PSN account i used to redemed the code. Which bring me to this site now, I willing to pay up too 300.00 USD for account withe the following: Female with a small or medium body build. Has to be a sorcer with at least 40 points Has to be Wonder Woman appretince (Magic wing) Has to have Tier 1 and Tier 2 (the wonder woman set) Now anyone that can fit that criteris please send me an email, i have a deck out FFXI account if you rather take that. We can also discuss price if you feel it's not enough, but I wont pay much more than 300.00USD unless you can deliver faster. I will make payment Via Paypal or I can do WU, but WU fee are at the sellers expence. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.