Offering Myself As A MiddleMan.

Discussion in 'Maplestory Accounts for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by Facebook, 8/1/14.

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    *I will not scam.

    *If i suddenly log off it's only because im on my laptop(which is acting gay).

    *Im offering myself for free because there are many scam's going on in this forum.

    My Email:


    Thank you,Good day.

    3 words: No thank you.

    Gl tho.


    Thanks ;)

    ***************************************************** why are you posting on this thread if you aren't even interested?

    Trying to raise you're ''posts''?

    No I'm not. I just go through this forums looking if I'm interested in any account.

    Are you maybe using this opportunity to raise up "you're" posts, sir?

    Sorry for giving my opinion tho :)

    You don't have to.

    But it's kinda weird if someone pop's up and says.

    1 Word No Thank You.

    But still gl.

    If you don't want to use him.

    You don't have to reply him.

    We can discuss further in PMs, but I just wanted to wish him good luck although I don't have the need to use him.

    Btw, he got his thread bumped.

    Well, I'm off.

    Honestly, good luck.

    this love you scam like a mofo


    Originally Posted by soul2eat

    Im so Gay,I lick man cock all day long

    If your talking about me then your mistaken.

    I never scammed anyone,Tell me your email and i'll tell you that your just trying to get me bad reputation for no ****ing reason.

    Wtf is your problem talking about cock's on this forum...

    kiffurlz. Post this in Member Service's section. Not here.
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