Sold [Offer] Prysmae's Pop-up Shop ~ NA/Global Jalter + SSR(s) starter accounts | LF: PayPal only

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    NA/Global Jalter + SSR(s) starter accounts for sale.

    General Information

    • Birthday is unset on all listed accounts.

    • Listed accounts are starters, with Fuyuki cleared.

    Free quests untouched.

    • Account details listed in the table below are accurate and updated on a regular basis.

    Screenshot albums may not reflect updated information.

    Up-to-date screenshots can be requested at the time of purchase.

    Accounts are for sale only.

    Prices are set, and listed in the table below.

    SSR ★★★★★​
    SR ★★★★​
    Noteworthy CE
    Story Progress
    Saint Quartz / Tickets
    Friend Code
    Screenshot Album
    Price (USD)
    Jalter, Artoria(Archer), NeroBride
    Nero(3), Carmilla(2), Martha, Marie, Ibaraki, Lancelot, Heracles​
    Kscope(2), 2030, AE​
    Fuyuki cleared
    0 / 0​
    Jalter, Artoria(Archer), Vlad​
    Nero(2), Helena, Martha(2), Carmilla, Lancelot, Heracles​
    Kscope, IA, HF​
    Fuyuki cleared
    0 / 0​
    Jalter, Artoria(Saber)​
    Siegfried, Nursery, Helena, Stheno, TamamoCat, Heracles​
    LZO, VotM​
    Fuyuki cleared
    0 / 0​

    Bold = Limited-time servant Italic = Story-locked servant Regular = Standard-pool servant

    Terms and Conditions

    1. The only form of payment accepted is PayPal via "Send to Friends & Family" option.

    I am based in Australia; PayPal will charge an approximate $5 USD fee for international "Friends & Family" payments as per PayPal(US) Rates & Fees. Please keep this in mind when deciding on a purchase.

    2. An official discord middleman may be requested at the buyer's discretion.

    About Me

    Quality, Clarity, and Transparency.

    My Trade References

    Timezone: UTC+10.

    For any further enquiries, please message me on Reddit or Discord Prysmae#2272.

    Discord is my preferred line of communication.

    . /u/prysmae
    [link] .
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