Sold [Offer] NA endgame account 20 SSR Many limited servants Jalter, Raikou, Skadi, Gilgamesh Ishtar, Cu alter

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    Semi- endgame account

    # 3 yrs old account.. well farmed all playerup . have all welfare servants

    12 grails left 27 crystalized lores
    338 Golden apples || 321 Silver || 640 Bronze
    bronze & silver gem over 300 +
    gold gem 100+piece and monuments over 200+

    free quest available from camelot to lostbelt 2... lost belt 3 unfinished
    part1.5 shinjuku& Shimousa cleared (free quests avail)

    Limited Servants
    Ishtar, Summer Artoria (Archer), Gilgamesh, Brynhildr, Skadi, Merlin(NP2), King Hassan, Shuten, Raikou(NP2 max grailed fou), Cu Chulainn(Alter), Jean d Arc (Alter Max grailed), Sitonai

    non Limited:
    Orion, Ozymandias, Achilles, Scheherazade, Osakabehime,Medb, Drake,Anastashia ,

    Notable CE
    Kaleidoscope(1), MLB Sumo (2 copy) Mona lisa MLB, Bella lisa MLB,MLB Aerial drive(2copy), chaldea tea time MLB etc

    Fcode; 785,551,995

    Album link

    # depends
    LF: 180$ Paypal
    DM for more info ..can contact Discord: Ragde#0858 or reddit

    . /u/edgar1208
    [link] .
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