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Discussion in 'Fate Grand Order Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by /u/WolfPl0x, 5/15/19.

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    Hey everyone, I've got a few great JP starters here that I'm putting out for super cheap. Have a look and if you're interested go ahead and comment or shoot me a PM.

    Paypal only. No Trades.

    All accounts listed below contain at least 2 or more SRs, and a few contain great CEs given the servants that they have. See screenshots for specifics.

    Price Servants Screenshots/FC
    $8 Okita Alter, Orion, 656,688,122
    $8 Altera, Napoleon, Arjuna, Jeanne D'Arc Alter, Kiara 496,242,280
    $8 Ereshkigal, Amakusa, Waver 513,900,870
    $9 NP2 Ereshkigal, Moriarty, Scathach 446,488,431
    . /u/WolfPl0x
    [link] .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.