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    Just wanted to give some information that some of you advid FFXIV seekers may or may not know. Here lately I have been offering my arms for beta keys. I have an account, but will not get an invite until phase 3. The beta tests are only 2-3 days so if you buy a key on sunday you probally will not be able to play very long if any. Keys should be bought as early as friday, with download time thrusdays imo if you want to maximize your purchase. Some things to consider, an account that has been activated with a beta key is still just a beta account and will be no good once the phase ends that its attached too. The only accounts that are solid are ones that were played prior to November. Those accounts gain beta status automatically in phase 3 no matter what. For legacy, they have had access throughout the beta process. Verification of legacy accounts has a symbol in left hand corner or on the game account itself under the services tab fyi. So far all beta playtimes have only been 2-3 days then shut down for debugging processes. Hope this helps FFXIV folks who are itching to be ingame like myself!!!
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