Selling North America - All Champions Unlocked Gold Account ($400)

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    North America
    All Champions are unlocked, and I have an extra 20k IP for new champions etc.
    6 Rune Pages
    This account includes most of current meta runes if not all of them.
    1450+ Normal Wins
    Season 1: Gold
    Season 2: Gold
    Season 3: Gold
    It also includes season 1 & 2 gold Icons.
    This account include some super rare skins that you can't get anymore.
    Super Rare Skins
    Victorious Janna (Rare)
    Victorious Jarvan IV
    Nosferatu Vladimir
    Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks
    Skins #50
    Stinger Akali
    Crimson Akali
    Longhorn Alistar
    Unchained Alistar
    Bird Of Prey Anivia
    Hextech Anivia
    Red Riding Annie
    Frostfire Annie
    Queen Ashe
    Boom Boom Blitzcrank
    Arctic Warfare Caitlyn
    Siren Cassiopeia
    Dragonwing Corki
    Frosted Ezreal
    Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks (Super Rare)
    Spooky Gangplank
    Hillbilly Gragas
    Nightblade Irelia
    Aviator Irelia
    Victorious Janna (Rare)
    Victorious Jarvan IV (Rare)
    Debonair Jayce
    Judgment Kayle
    Swamp Master Kennen
    Monarch Kog'Maw
    Spellthief Lux
    Vizier Malzahar
    Secret Agent Miss Fortune
    Blade Mistress Morgana
    Frozen Terror Nocturne
    Forsaken Olaf
    Perseus Pantheon
    Battle Regalia Poppy
    Phoenix Quinn
    Freljord Rammus
    Traditional Sejuani
    Traditional Karma
    Mad Hatter Shaco
    PAX Sivir (Rare)
    Riot Girl Tristana
    Buccaneer Tristana
    Junkyard Trundle
    Traditional Trundle
    Highland Tryndamere
    Gangster Twitch
    Primal Udyr
    Veigar Greybeard
    Count Vladimir
    Nosferatu Vladimir (Super Rare)
    Undertaker Yorick

    Asking 400$
    Price is negotiable.
Thread Status:
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