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    We are offering Services Hourly Hire for Farming, Leveling, Grinding, Questing or Any Other Activities in Game You want Within specific Period Time You need,
    Hourly Hire, Weekly Hire even Monthly Hire Services Ready 24/7

    Reasons to choose us
    1. SAFE NETWORK: We are using Premium and Secure VPN.
    2. READY TO STREAM 24/7: If you need us to Live Stream, we can do it 24/7 on Twitch.
    3. REAL PLAYER: Our Boosting Services is Manually by Human / Real Player (not bots)
    4. ANTI CHEAT: We will NEVER using any Cheats / Program illegal / Hacking or Prohibited tool.
    5. SAVING LOOT: All loot / drops / reward / currency / items (anything we got while Working) will Stay At Your Accounts (Except Trash item ofc)
    6. 24/7 CHAT SUPPORT & WORKING HOURS: We have 24/7 Friendly Support Team & 10+ Players Ready to Work Any Time.
    7. If you have Specific Activities that need Time to do like Farming, Leveling, Grinding, Questing etc (This is The Best and most Suitable Service you can find)

    • Custom Hourly Hire: 3.49$ per hour
    • 10 Hours Package: 34$
    • 20 Hours Package: 66$
    • 24 Hours Package: 72$
    • Custom Hourly Hire (24 Hours++): 2.99$ per hour
    • 1 Week Package 5 Hours/Day:
    • 1 Week Package 10 Hours/Day: 195$
    • 1 Week Package 15 Hours/Day: 285$
    • 1 Week Package 20 Hours/Day: 375$
    • 1 Month Package 5 Hours/Day: 399$
    • 1 Month Package 10 Hours/Day: 780$
    • 1 Month Package 15 Hours/Day: 1149$
    • 1 Month Package 20 Hours/Day: 1499$
    (if this divide by hourly you will have cheaper price per Hour if buying longer package)

    We are accepting payment: PayPal Skrill WebMoney(WMZ) Crypto(BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, USDT, USDC) Payoneer

    Others Q&A
    1. What is this offer about?

    This offer is about Hiring us to do Activities Like: Farming, Leveling, Grinding, Questing or Any Activities You want, within a certain period of Time.

    2. Can i request specific VPN location?
    Yes you can, please let us know which VPN Location you need.

    3. Can i pause The Progress? i want to play The Game Now!
    Yes Sure, we will continue after you Done (but not recommended because this will make process more slower)

    4. Can you do Custom Order?
    Yes of Course Sir, we can do any Request you need please let us know if you got Custom / Specific Order in mind, Even Other than Hourly Hire.

    5. Can i Hire you to Play Other Games?
    Yes Sir!, We have a lot of Players that have Experience on another's Game also, Please ask us First if you have Specific Game to Play.

    6. How to order your service step by step?
    Let me know Specific Activities you want & How long you need it >> Payment >> Boosting >> I will let you know Asap once The Boosting is Done.

    ______________________________________ "Contact Info" ______________________________________
    DISCORD: JohnMarket#9999
    DISCORD Unique ID: 368174449062576128

    CLICK Here TO ADD Skype>>> Join conversation
    Skype Display Name:
    JohnMarket Gondrong
    Skype Name: live:mrgondrong789

    WhatsApp: +6282298988988
    Telegram: +6282298988988

    Carefull alot imposter trying to copy my Skype and Discord name Make sure You Copy-Paste correct Detail to ADD me
    NOTE: I never ADD Someone first, if that happen that's definitely a imposter

    need another services? like swap currency/item between game to another game, selling game stuff, exchange digital currency, import-export Etc, just Contact me. I have many informants and connections probably we can do some great business :)
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