Selling NEW 34.6M BR Sorceress spent over $1100 on this account! EU SERVER HIGH POP

Discussion in 'Legacy of Discord Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Shabs, 4/30/17.

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  1. Shabs

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    Price $:
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    EU server, active guild & world, pay have the money for a crazy account!
    34.6m BR it will rise more (when i upgrade the wings i should be about 36m br+)

    For an account worth 1,100 with all these benefits if a dedicated player is willing to buy this account, you can easily get to the top #1 player :) everything is set for you, own the world own the LOD EU world :)

    - 2 Costumes worth 8k + diamonds each with Relic (+15 rage + ALL DMG +3% + DR + 3%)
    - Top 5 on server
    - Have most of pets
    - Have tons of t10 wings
    - Relics are all level 100 two have red boosts (extremely rare to get)
    - 2 Red enchantments also very rare to get (try using 10k + enchantments (2 are GOLD ENCHANTMENTS!) <-- guild lost the plot
    - Rest of gold enchantments are 4 star enchantments (also difficult to get) & blue enchantments are all 4 star enchantments too
    - 700 gems daily from arena (rank 5)
    - still have monthly 300 gems 21 days left
    - middle man will be assisting this trade (so no stealing account back etc, this will be a legit account sold no fraud)
    - Top 1 guild with plunder 500 our world (get top gear)
    - 51 Wing tickets for t10 wings
    - R4 R5 R6 & R7 Equipment tickets (look at pictures)
    - Started on the
    - Sockets are level 7 gems +

    This is an awesome account for such a cheap price!

    Here are some pictures of the account;

    Screenshot_20170501-093932.png Screenshot_20170501-093945.png Screenshot_20170501-093959.png Screenshot_20170501-094021.png Screenshot_20170501-094040.png Screenshot_20170501-094157.png Screenshot_20170501-094312.png Screenshot_20170501-094411.png Screenshot_20170501-094525.png Screenshot_20170501-094606.png
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