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    What is Najmita Boosting?

    Najmita Boosting was founded to bridge our customers with some of the top boosters in their region. Najmita translates to mercenaries, and our "mercenaries" are highly vetted, field tested, and will strive not just to get you to your desired rank, but to give you exemplary customer service along the way.

    Why Najmita Boosting

    • Najmita boosting only employs top challenger boosters from the NA and EU regions.
    • We aim to supply not only top challenger players, but exemplary customer service.
    • We understand that we have higher prices than other sites, but the quality that you pay for is the quality you will get.
    • We offer a money back guarentee if your booster does not perform well in your elo (under 65% winrate)
    • Najmita is one of the first websites to offer only premium boosting services at a lower rate than private boosting.
    • Although we are a premium boosting service with higher prices, we offer complimentary services such as.... VPN/Offline | Champion selection | Role preference | Speed | and streaming

    Join our discord to learn more about Najmita:

    You can also contact Unidentifiable#6023 for any other inquiries

    Leave us a vouch for an additional 10% #:

    . /u/Najmita
    [link] .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.