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    Notice: This post is maintained as of September 22nd, 2021.

    All offers are on the NA Reboot server, contact me on Discord: vm#0351 for more info. Please book in advance for bosses and consulting!

    Runs will be completely legitimate on non-cheated characters, and with mechanics explained beforehand. High drop rate gear will always be equipped.

    Discord: vm#0351

    I have full drop gear with double lines (360%) and drop rate inner ability (15%), as well as drop familiar and holy symbol (100%+24%), and will use drop coupons for multiple carries (50%) as well as a base rate of (100%).

    This is a total drop rate of 674%.

    Feel free to ask me questions! I am always willing to answer questions and help with your setup/situation as I am an endgame player with extensive knowledge of many classes in Reboot and what the progression path looks like for any account.

    My schedule at the moment is: Very Flexible (PST Timezone)

    All offers are in USD. Bundle discounts are available. Willing to price match all services.

    Early Progression Bosses (Solo Loot Deals):

    Chaos Horntail: $2
    Hard Von Leon: $2
    Hard Hilla: $2
    Normal Arkarium: $2
    Hard Ranmaru: $2
    Chaos Zakum: $2
    Chaos Pink Bean: $3
    Normal Cygnus: $4
    Hard Magnus : $4
    Akechi Mitsuhide: $4
    Hell Gollux: $6

    Let me know if buying in bulk, special offers are available!

    Daily Boss Carry Service List

    Full Hell Mode Gollux - (SOLO Coin and SOLO Equip Loot): $6
    Full Hell Mode Gollux - (SOLO Coin and SOLO Equip Loot) (7 Day 7 Kill Package Deal): $35
    Full Hell Mode Gollux w/ Arkarium - (SOLO Coin and SOLO Equip Loot) (7 Day 7 Kill Package Deal): $42

    Weekly Carry Bosses:

    (Solo Loot Deal)
    Chaos Papulatus (BiS Eye Transposed): $6

    (Solo Loot Deal)
    Princess No (BiS Secondary + BiS Ring): $6

    (Solo Loot Deal)
    Chaos Pierre: $3
    Chaos Von Bon: $3
    Chaos Queen: $3
    Chaos Vellum: $6

    Solo Loot CRA bundle (BiS Hat, Top, Bottom Loot) (All four doors included): $11

    (Mechanics will be taught for all bosses below)

    Hard Lucid: $35

    Hard Will: $35

    Easy Lucid : $10

    Normal Lucid : $15

    Normal Will : $20

    Hard Damien + Normal Lotus Bundle : $20

    Hard Damien + Hard Lotus Bundle: $35

    Normal Damien: $6

    Normal Lotus: $6

    Normal Lotus + Damien Bundle: $10

    My preferred payment methods would be Paypal Friends & Family or Venmo or Binance Coin. All offers are U.S based.

    Happy Mapling, all!
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