NA Lvl 30 Account for sell !

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    Hello everybody ! I'm selling my lvl 30 account because i'm leaving the game ! Account Information : Lvl 30 RP: 80 IP: 4250 946 Total Wins. Ranked Teams(3v3): UnRanked (No Team) Solo/Duo Queue: Silver Division II Ranked Teams(5v5): UnRanked (No Team). 62 champs owned with 29 skins : -Foxfire Ahri -Blood Moon Akali -Arctic Warfare Caitlyn -Hot Rod Corki -Toxic Dr.Mundo(Legacy) -Frosted Ezreal -DreadKnight Garen -Mafia Graves -Temple Jax -Phantom Karthus(Legacy) -GrimReaper Karthus -Arctic Ops Kennen -MuayThai LeeSin -Vizier Malzahar(Legacy) -ShadowPrince Malzahar -Mafia MissFortune -Leopard Nidalee(Legacy) -FrozenTerror Nocturne -RuneWars Renekton -EarthRune Skarner -Emerald Taric(Legacy) -Badger Teemo(Legacy) -UnderWorld TwistedFate -ArcLight Varus -HeartSeeker Vayne -TundraHunter Warwick -ScorchedEarth Xerath -Viscero XinZhao -TimeMachine Zilean(Legacy). My account got 9 Runes Pages with some runes already purchase: Marks Runes: (9x +0.59 Ability Power) (9x +0.95 Attack Damage) (9x +0.87 Magic Pene.) Seals Runes: (9x +0.59 Ability Power) (9x +1.4 Armor) (9x +0.43 Physical damage) (9x +0.41 Mana Regen/5) (9x +1.08 HP Per Lvl (+19.44 at Champ Lvl18)) Glyphs Runes: (9x +1.2 Ability Power) (9x +0.28 Physical Damage) (9x +1.3 Magic Resist) Quintessences Runes: (3x +5.0 Ability Power) (3x +2.3 Physical Damage) ( 3x +3.4% Attack Speed) ALL RUNES ARE TIER 3 ! If you guys want my account , you guys can contact me on : : ifreakoutz Money Only Via Paypal With A ShareScreen On ! Thanks Guys ! :]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.