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Discussion in 'Punishing Gray Raven Accounts for Sale - Buy & Sell' started by kreempuffz, 8/28/21.

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    Selling PGR account (LVL 75)

    I'd like to stop playing the game but I've spent a little too much money/time to just completely drop it (around $600/ have not missed a daily since launch).

    The account has all story completed for both main and event quests. It has a fully raised SS Alpha, SS Karenina (S), and S Nanami.

    There are also a lot of other characters that have high ranks (SSS Kamui (A), SS Liv (B), SSS Karenina (A), S Lee).

    All of the fully raised characters have their signature weapon besides A Kamui.

    All of the fully raised characters have six recommended maxed out 6* memories, some with resonance.

    A few characters have coatings, including the infamous S Karenina nurse coating from the first event.

    Both monthly passes have 15 days remaining on them.

    All dorms are unlocked.

    Contact me for any questions or just to say hi! Discord JuJu#0008

    Screenshot_2021.08.28_03.14.02.640.png Screenshot_2021.08.28_03.14.06.592.png Screenshot_2021.08.28_03.14.12.059.png Screenshot_2021.08.28_03.14.14.890.png Screenshot_2021.08.28_03.14.17.690.png Screenshot_2021.08.28_03.14.28.390.png Screenshot_2021.08.28_03.14.35.425.png Screenshot_2021.08.28_04.06.03.345.png Screenshot_2021.08.28_04.06.13.279.png