Sold NA D3 deluxe/ros/necro ~P6500/season P1200 w/Cosmic Wings

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    D3 Deluxe/RoS/Necro pack (maximum possible characters/stash tabs with Cosmic Wings)
    Season 17 level 1200 Nicely geared full T16 Multishot DH and GR100 solo Impale DH and also Condemn/LoNBomb/Invoker's crusader gear(Season 17 full season journey completed)
    Nonseason level 6175 end-game extremely well-geared T16 Multishot/GR120 solo Impale DH
    Also, very well-geared Akkhan's Condemn sader, LoN Bomb sader plus other characters
    A true gift for the serious cosmetics collector:
    COSMIC WINGS/falcon wings/season 17 Galactic wings/Trag'Oul wings/Anguish's Grasp wings/Rainbow portrait frame
    30 total pets,including some of the season-specific pets
    Most, if not all, of the available transmogs (including Wirt's original leg, Mace of the Crows,Spectrum, Hamburger, etc)
    Completed Anniversary event (pet, portrait frames and gem)
    17 character slots (maxed out)
    13 stash tabs (maxed out)
    1500 GR keys
    Millions of yellow/blue/white materials/630K DB's/760K souls
    17 characters (one seasonal), many with stashes full of decent gear
    All seasonal legendary gems level 95+
    A character inventory full of nonseason legendary gems (60 gems), all level 121 (except for hoarder, esoteric, etc)
    I am the original and only account owner
    Never banned or warned or rolled back
    Battletag and email can be changed
    Screenshots or additional info available upon request

    Price:Asking $800 USD

    Middleman can be used

    Image album:
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