Stole Money My Order gets stucked on payment processing status

Discussion in 'Disputes - Banned Scammers' started by HUNklikker, 9/9/20.

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    1. Date Dispute Happened
    August 22, 2020

    2. Are You The Buyer or Seller
    I'm the Seller

    3. Total Transaction Value
    $250 USD

    4. Other Parties Username

    5. Method Used To Pay or Receive Payment
    To my PlayerUp Balance and after # Bank Transfer

    6. Other Parties Email Addresses
    MiddleMan Used.

    7. Other Parties Payment Email Address
    MiddleMan Used.

    8. Other Parties Messenger Username
    Discord - johnwick007#3460

    9. Provide All Chat Logs and Additional Information Below
    I sold him the account on August 22th and it was take the MiddleMan 2 week to get the 'payment processing' status.

    After i got the processing status now it was another one week but nothing happens, no money on my MM balance also no money on my bank card. It just stucked. please help!

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