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    [COLOR=#33CC00 What is it?</span> The account contains a 186 Atrox Enforcer with all the oldskool gear to last you a lifetime. It is wearing a full set of 200 imps, Azure Breastplate, Full provactive, IS bracers and rings, pads used to be VTE's but I have taken them and placed them on my frozen SL account however there are several nodrops that can be placed in their slots. It has a 6 slot belt, 5x 64 ncu mems and a ql 200 comp. It is using a panther but has beaten all the other tl5/6 froob enfs [img]<<GRAEMLIN_>>/wink.gif[/img]. Contains all the high tl5 nanos including the nodrop absorb. <span style=]span> Due to sentimental and time value I will be pricing this at 400m. <span style="color: #3333FF Contacting me[/COLOR] Feel free to email me or add me on by using the email: [email protected] Thanks, James
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.