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    Hey everyone, after awhile of searching for a forum without to much scam i think i found it.. We haven't been logged in for nearly a year so I don't remember the exact items that are being stored on the accounts, so will update this thread later today with more info when i get home from work and the AO client is updated. We want to get rid of our two accounts since we lost hope in FC and their balance/engine update. First account: (mine) 220 solitus Enforcer. 220 ------- ?? 210 ------- Soldier. .. Alts/twinks .. Second account: (lil brothers) 220 solitus Adventure. 220 ------- ?? 170 ------- Fixer (GA IV) .. Alts/twinks .. From what i remember a maybe a char or two (alt or twink) have been stripped since we often both tend to grow tired of a profession when played alot, None of the 220's are stripped though. Gear on account 1: (Getting updated later) Full set of 300 CM Full set of 250 CSS Full set of 300 CSS Not activated bracer from Alappaa. Around 1b in creds. Ofab. - Enforcer is decked out. (Only 1 thing missing is ACDC) All alpha symbs in, both bracers, everything from pande, LE upgraded weapons. Soldier was meant to be a 210 twink with upgraded shottie from beast, diden't finish him before i did quit, wearing the CSS, symbs and everything still. Gear on account 2: (Getting update later, don't know much about his account) Some pieces of CC Ofab Around 500M. - Adventure Was a top DD setup last time we played, dunno if pistol advy's been nerfed yet? He got both bracers aswell, regular symbs equipped i think. Fixer Got GA IV uploaded, his and old char so maybe needs an update. Well thats pretty much what i can say without being able to log-in, maybe its wiser to send more info to the people that are interested, to keep the accounts anonymous and safe. Can say that the accounts are RK1 and on the same side.
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