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    Hello Guys I decide to sell my lol account these days. Name: ZeNAleX Level: 30 Server: EU Nordic & East Reason for selling the account: The last 3 months I have no time for games and also for spending time in my pc because iam studing and working. How long iam playing with this account: Iam playing with this account around 1 year and 6 months. Does anyone else was playing with my account: Only one friend is playing the last few day but i change the password because i want to sell it. How many champios I have: I have 105 Champions. i.imgur/V0KrGYY.jpg | i.imgur/kRAwJp6.jpg Do you Have any template? Yes I have the Pulsefire Ezreal Template. i.imgur/JoFujmi.png How many skills I have: I have 43 Skins. Whats the names of the skins? - Silverfrang Akali i.imgur/cwuz1LE.jpg - Golden Alistar i.imgur/oWmFOgb.jpg - Sad Robot Amumu i.imgur/wD54Zf9.jpg - Freljord Ashe i.imgur/H1j3yC3.jpg - Cryocore Brand i.imgur/DgpWINv.jpg - Officer Caytlin i.imgur/lOFxCxV.jpg - Mythic Cassiopia i.imgur/BivqQkr.jpg - Masquerade Evelynn i.imgur/krpzYjl.jpg - Spectral Fiddlesticks i.imgur/gMzY8X6.jpg - Sailor Gangplank i.imgur/IFn2uF9.jpg - Deep One Kassadin i.imgur/cFELJer.jpg - Sandstorm Katarina i.imgur/7ZDCdfw.jpg - Judgment Kayle i.imgur/MLF9ekS.jpg - Deadly Kennen i.imgur/pQtkZvS.jpg - Wicked LeBlank i.imgur/jJSkL1H.jpg - Sorceress Lux i.imgur/AQCvOKu.jpg - Choosen Master Yi i.imgur/Fyhw3pd.jpg - Blackthorn Morgana i.imgur/NUu55FK.jpg - Frozen Terror Nocturne i.imgur/oC2iOKX.jpg - Battle Regalia Poppy i.imgur/x3GbrDD.jpg - Freljord Rammus i.imgur/fyYmKe0.jpg - Championship Riven i.imgur/TULQ0go.jpg - Tribal Rize i.imgur/R1dV0DK.jpg - Asylum Shaco i.imgur/fmAnHM9.jpg - Augmented Singed i.imgur/jtwMcZd.jpg - Earthrune Skarner i.imgur/jtwMcZd.jpg - Super Teemo i.imgur/fwxqTHV.jpg - Riot Girl Tristana i.imgur/Vski55Z.jpg - Demonable Tryndamere i.imgur/nLO174a.jpg - Jack of hearts Twisted Fate i.imgur/AzD0py1.jpg - Heartseeker Vayne i.imgur/ciRLUsY.jpg - White Mage Veigar i.imgur/HhP9Scb.jpg - Marquis Vladimir i.imgur/0idjuXc.jpg - Jade Dragon Wukong i.imgur/4uFVs5p.jpg - Pool Party Zigs i.imgur/qhZLfcG.jpg - Abyssal Nautilius i.imgur/ZzkSCWS.jpg - Hot Rod Corky i.imgur/7dNLUol.jpg - Special Forces Gangplank i.imgur/ZWSTiKO.jpg - Pharaoh Nidalee i.imgur/IkAfWl0.jpg - Warmorger Sion i.imgur/0y4Ff3f.jpg - Slay Belle Katarina i.imgur/6K1ahsV.jpg - Masked Shaco i.imgur/YJmCfgk.jpg - Bad Santa Veigar i.imgur/J2ux8Ov.jpg How many Rune Pages do I have? I have 4 Rune pages, 1 with full Attack Damage i.imgur/ErZcSRY.jpg 1 with full Ability Power i.imgur/TYtdjQ2.jpg 1 with Critical Chance and Attack Damage i.imgur/pugRjaX.jpg And 1 for tank. i.imgur/xSHFiTb.jpg ( you can also see the runes in the screenshots.) What about ranked games: Iam not playing ranked game because iam bored How many wins does this account haves? I have around 890 wins. How much money I spend foe this account: I spend more than 400Euros For this account. How much money Iam selling this account? The Price Starts from 150 Euros But its negotiated. ( Maybe I will decrease it a little bit ) Contact Info. : alexandrospa Payment Method. Paypal Only! I waiting for reply's. Thank you!
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