Multiple level 90 and 95 accounts, raid weapons, cultural raid armor, etc

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    A little history here: I used to 10 box on EQ like a huge nerd and spent hundreds of hours exping and gearing up on FV, now i'm looking to sell. If I want to sell these I have to activate them first and then once they are activated getting them their last 5 levels should take no time at all, I am able to take a character to 90 in about 30 minutes since I've been doing this so long. So; I take custom orders or you can buy some of my old accounts, some don't have VoA, once I activate them tell me what you want, I can do over 3k aa in a day swarming or grab you rare drops from rare spawns on FV, I don't really care, I can do pretty much anything. Just tell me what you want and I can provide a quote. Right now my crew consists of: Level 95 Monk in Iridium fully ac augged in HoT augs Firiona Vie - Raid Weapons Level 95 Shadowknight in fully augmented cultural, fully ac augmented, close max AA for the expansion before HoT, only junk ones are left, raid Big Bladed Greatsword Level 95 Cleric on Firiona Vie (for swarming buffs) Level 95 Bard on Firiona Vie, fully ac augged Level 95 Magician on Firiona Vie Level 95 Rogue on Firiona Vie Level 95 Warrior on Firiona Vie, full ac augs A level 1 BL with silly stuff like: 1 million platinum worth of gear, Eyepatch of Plunder, Haste claws from Tov, almost all the ToV head dragon loot, etc. I'm pretty sure everything is best in slot for him. TONS of clickies, skeleton, etc And an additional 9 Million platinum on Firiona Vie. Send inquiries to [email protected] with a Subject containing: "Interested In EQ Account" or else I might not see it.
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