Selling Multiple Anarchy Online Accounts for Sale

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    WTS RK1 Multiple 220 Account

    As title says willing to part with my account for the right price.
    Account contains 220 Doctor/NT/Shade - All characters are endgame with most research done, AI level above 20 on all characters 150+, as well as being equipped with endgame gear and alpha symbiants/spirts. Also contains 219 Enforcer, TL 5 PVP Soldier and MA. All characters 150+ are also able to go every garden, even Pande. There is close to 10B worth of items available to be sold excluding 300 CC Set, 225 CC Set, 225 CSS Set, Pair of IGoC. Contact me through email at [email protected] with serious offers only. Account will be sold as is so please dont ask for anything else.

    220 enf - 220 shade - many others - linked accounts

    As i am no longer able to put in time in mmorpg's i am starting to sell everything i got. And starting with the games i no longer have any interest in.

    The linked account i am selling is

    220 - 25 - 69 enf
    Full alpha's except for r-wrist ( nano delta )
    Fully equiped
    Almost all endgame items ( boc - bracers - belts - ... )
    Curently pvm equiped but with some cc easly set to pvp ( has weapons in bank somewhere )

    220 - 16 - 50 could be off a bit shade
    Was collecting alpha's has some in allready ( some expensive once also )
    CM set
    endgame weapons and huds
    just misses apf belt

    Other toons word mentioning
    128 pvp enf ( cc ql 175 )
    61 ( pre xp cancel ) ga3 fixer
    150 NT ( not greatly equipd but might be handy )
    170 ma ( not equiped but ... )
    131 fixer ( not equiped but ... )

    If interested i also have a level 100 froob fixer for sale either with this account or seperate for the right price ( anyone needs fgrid )

    Send me a fair offer and i might think about it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    All toons clan rk2

    WTB 220/*/* Doc Account, RK2

    Looking for a 220 Doc account, pref clan. Ideal would be endgame but open to negotiation. Please respond here or pm, th

    WtS AO account

    Wts -220/30/70 super crat---it have all bufs (icrt/irt/all dband apf nanos/all quest/full beast/db/ofab.etc

    220/30/70 agent ---have all buff+full set combined scout ql 300 can switch with crat items in game zodiacs items..a lot

    207/21/40-engineer--full tradeskill full arithmetic 225 on very good tradeskiller

    170/23-doc full combined mercenary 225 can cast all bufs self//good for s7 highest symb on

    150/20 enfo is perfect for sector 10 all bufs etc...

    60/6 keeper ql 75 cm pants+ofab twink with sword of iluminate...can solo city raid afk

    168/22 nt best for kite ....

    165/10 shade powerlevel save in inf

    crat is omni rest all are neutral all tons im unknow couse i was stay in my own org.. u can contact me with offers ([email protected])

    WTS RK1 220/30/70 engi; 214/30/?? shade, and some more random toons

    Engi is endgame equiped for pvp (acdc/erbp/cc, 300imps, all the good stuffzzz)
    Shade has ql 225 cc set and 200ish spirits with medi blade + xan deceit
    (Random toons include 60 fixer, 164 doc, 95 agent, 41 fix)
    Selling very cheap: 250$ contact_alin @ yahoo .com

    RK1 220/30 + points for rename endgame pvp setup

    Full CS armor Except ofab boots/helmet.
    Every ingame nano. Much more and great price.
    Email for details [email protected]
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