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    I have an account with a main character having nearly 45 mil skillpoints. Well set up to run level 4 missions for all empire factions including SoE. This character has about 1.4 bil in ISK and eve refinery tells me I have over 9 billion in assets. Assets include: 2 x PLEX Freighter Orca Machariel Nightmare CNR Fleet Typhoon Navy Dominix Hulk Mackinaw Worm Ishtar Ishkur Curse Lots of cruisers and battlecruisers Several Ravens and Maelstroms 5 clones with many high end implants Each jump clone is set up in a station for level 4 missions with a full armory consisting of mainly a Raven/Maelstrom pair and an industrial, lots of ammo and fittings to suit all kinds of mission. He also has a very good exploration setup with SoE and other good scanning implants. The character can do mining and mission running. Can fly logistics and command ships. Has cruisers 5 in all but Minmatar and Frigates 5 in all but Minmatar. Not far from Tengu. Has battleships 4 for all races. Has not got t2 guns or missiles yet but almost all ships set up with either faction or meta-4 guns not to mention good rigs and modules. He has limited corp history and reasonable reputation. There are two other characters on the same account one being a little PI character the other being a reasonable trader. I'm leaving the game as my partner is pregnant and thats the most important thing in the world right now; I don't need the distraction of an MMO. Any serious offers considered. PM me for Eveboard character sheet. No offer to swap for another MMO account is a 'serious offer'.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.